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Management and Business Research

Management and Business Research

Sixth Edition
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April 2018 | 472 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

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The Sixth Edition continues to give students a comprehensive overview of what is needed to carry-out successful and effective research, with practical hands-on guidance on how to conduct a dissertation project or research thesis, in business and management.

New to This Edition:

  • Complimentary fully integrated interactive eBook version.
  • Coverage of online data collection, netnography, big data and data visualization.
  • Research philosophy in chapter 3 is further supported and enhanced by an author video overview available online and a pull out at the back of the book that gives a useful visual representation of each key component of the research process using a tree as a metaphor.
  • Annotated further reading recommendations. 

An important new feature is the “Research in Action” textboxes, which consist of engaging accounts of real-world research experiences from academics, practitioners and students. Examples include measuring the impact of development programmes on Chinese rural communities, and qualitative data being used to measure the experiences of UK taxi drivers. Each contributor has also given a practical ‘top tip’ for doing research successfully.

The book is complemented by a FREE Interactive eBook and online resources including PowerPoint slides, datasets, multiple-choice questions, e-flashcards and links to additional online material.

Suitable reading for any student carrying out a research project, dissertation or thesis in business and management.

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Chapter 1. Finding Your Feet in Management and Business Research
Chapter 2. Reviewing the Literature
Chapter 3. The Philosophy of Management and Business Research
Chapter 4. Designing Management and Business Research
Chapter 5. The Research Experience
Chapter 6. Crafting Qualitative Data through Language and Text
Chapter 7. Crafting Qualitative Data through Observation and Participatory Research
Chapter 8. Framing and Interpreting Qualitative Data
Chapter 9. Crafting Quantitative Data
Chapter 10. Summarizing and Making Inferences from Quantitative Data
Chapter 11. Multivariate Analysis
Chapter 12. Writing Management and Business Research


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Lecturer resources:

  • PowerPoint slides
  • Instructors Manual

Student resources:

  • Author video
  • Video and web links
  • Access to SAGE journal articles
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Answers to exercises in the book
  • Templates from the book
  • Datasets
  • Additional cases
  • E-Flashcards
  • Encyclopedia entries

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