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Looking After Literacy

Looking After Literacy
A Whole Child Approach to Effective Literacy Interventions

November 2017 | 232 pages | Learning Matters
This book is about supporting all children to overcome their individual challenges to literacy.  It is about considering the whole child when exploring options for interventions and accepting that many children have more than one need.  It examines the many factors that can contribute to literacy difficulties and highlights the importance of understanding the wider context when considering them.

The text draws on the latest research in education, psychology , neurology and sociology to illustrate how children's literacy development can be mapped against difficulties in other areas of their lives.  This is a ground-breaking and accessible book for all trainee and existing primary teachers working with young children who are experiencing difficulty with reading, written and spoken language.
The significance of phonics for ‘catching up’ with reading
Digital stories and becoming someone different
Me, myself, I: using drama to explore self in primary school
The reading and writing environment: literacy grounded in an ethic of care
Starting early – translating literacy into early years interventions
A world full of colours and sounds: using adjectives and adverbs in
The physicality of writing and speaking
Culture and literacy: storying capital and children’s lives
Communication and spoken word
Using multilingual narratives to explore loss and grief
The deliciousness of reading

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