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Local School Initiative

SAGE is committed to supporting the local community and has formed a close partnership with a local school, St Monica’s Primary School in Hoxton. Our partnership with the school includes making financial contributions, encouraging employee participation in reading and numeracy schemes run by Inspire, the Education Business Partnership for Hackney, and encouraging children to visit the SAGE offices and learn about the world of work.

SAGE Supports Reading at St Monica’s Primary School

SAGE staff meet pupilsSince 2003, SAGE has been involved in the Reading Partners Scheme run through Inspire. Every Wednesday, SAGE volunteers visit St Monica's Primary School in Hoxton and read with pupils in year 3. The scheme gives children an opportunity to read aloud one on one with an adult, and aims to improve their literacy skills and confidence, whilst encouraging a love of reading. The SAGE volunteers also benefit enormously from this experience, and it really puts our work as an educational publisher into context.

SAGE Supports Numeracy at St Monica’s Primary School

As well as supporting reading at St Monica's, SAGE participates in Inspire's Number Partners scheme, which matches volunteers with pupils in year 5 to improve numeracy skills. Every Wednesday, volunteers visit the school and play maths board games, group numeracy games or the children's favourite, Fizz Buzz! Not only does this extra time spent on Maths help to build the pupils’ confidence, it is also rewarding and enjoyable for the volunteers.

Chess Club at St Monica’s

In 2007, SAGE raised money for St Monica's School through a cycle event at Hearn Hill Velodrome. The children who participated in the event had a fantastic time and felt really proud to be involved in something that would benefit their school. The money raised was used to buy equipment to start a Chess Club which has proven to be very successful and has grown in number week on week. Year 5 pupils play against each other on Thursday lunch times, and SAGE volunteers attend to mentor and support them. A passion for chess has developed within the school and outdoor chess tables on the playground are crowded at lunch time as children teach their peers.