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Our regular live product webinars provide a general introduction and overview to some of our products and databases, and are open for anyone to attend – library staff, faculty members, researchers, and students. If you're simply curious to find out more, your institution is currently on a trial, or you already have a subscription and want an introduction or some refresher training, please do come along!


Registration and joining details

Choose your preferred session date from the menu below and register by completing all the mandatory fields. Upon registering for your preferred date, you will receive an automatic email containing all the joining details for the webinar. The webinar is held via Zoom and will be recorded. We recommend you connect using a headset for an optimal audio experience.

If you are unable to attend a session but would like to receive a copy of the recording, please sign up as usual to the next event date, and tick the box labelled "Recording only". This way, we can email you the recording after the session, but we know not to expect you at the live event!


SAGE Research Methods desk scene

SAGE Research Methods

Tues 7 September @ 10:00 BST - RSVP

Mon 11 October @ 14.00 BST - RSVP

Mon 15 November @ 14.00 GMT - RSVP

 SAGE Business Cases

SAGE Business Cases

Mon 6 September @ 14:00 BST - RSVP

Mon 11 October @ 10.00 BST - RSVP

Weds 17 November @ 14.00 GMT - RSVP

 SAGE Video desk scene

SAGE Video

Tues 7 September @ 14:00 BST - RSVP

Tues 16 November @ 10.00 GMT - RSVP





Laptop image displaying SAGE Skills: Business

SAGE Skills: Business

Thurs 28 October @ 10.00 BST - RSVP

Thurs 28 October @ 16.00 BST - RSVP

Tues 16 November @ 14.00 GMT - RSVP




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