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Little BIG Things in Operational Excellence

Little BIG Things in Operational Excellence

First Edition

September 2021 | 324 pages | SAGE Response
Operational excellence is an attainable destination. In the post-COVID world, operational excellence has taken centre stage as business organizations try to manage costs and adapt to changing needs of the customers.

This book is a guide that focuses on the softer dimensions of operational excellence. The author calls them the ‘little big things’, the solutions of which are found not just in the business world but the world beyond, such as behavioural sciences, space travel, conflicts, metaphors and stories from unsung pioneers. It provides insights on processes, data, automation, change management and culture. The book presents a groundbreaking way of doing things and define strategies to identify and prioritize opportunities, implement improvement plans, monitor, continuously improve and sustain results.

With globally applicable value-adding activities and disciplines, Little BIG Things in Operational Excellence covers it all—processes, people and operations.
Many Hues of Operational Excellence
7 Ps of Operational Excellence
Energizing an Operational Excellence Transformation
When a Rejected Take-off Is Imminent
Power of Early Wins
How to Lose Friends and Alienate Staff
10 Laws of Process Work
Make Better Decisions by Questioning
The Bed Sheet Scandal
Taking the OPEX Flight
Alan Kurdi, Fukushima and Emotional Connection
It’s Not WHAT but HOW You Say
Story of an Unsung Pioneer
Using Neuroscience to Manage Change
Pressing the Idea Button
When Good Is the Enemy of Better
It’s Not Just about Cost Cutting
Collaboration Wins Games
Don’t Serve Your Customers Deep-fried Lizards
Judgement of Paris
Power of Past Accomplishments
Complexity Management
Taking Risks during a Downturn
What the Tenerife Air Disaster Taught Us
Managing the Third-quarter Phenomenon
Learnings from the First Space Mutiny
Understanding the Blackbox Culture
Demystifying Robotic Process Automation
Embrace Conflict to Solidify Outcomes
Why Employees Don’t Follow Processes
Perfect Your Brainstorming Techniques
Strategies for Behaviour Change
The Privacy Paradox
Nine Laws of Customers
Know Your Customers
The Power of Open Big Room
Knowing the Mechanics of Teams

‘It is a thought-provoking book where you learn about operational excellence not only from the author’s experience but also from stories and events beyond the business world.…’

Bhargav Dasgupta
MD and CEO, ICICI Lombard General Insurance Co. Ltd

‘It is a s superb collection of examples and lessons learned, which will avail the reader with a wealth of opportunities to focus on the right topics to improve operations and, more importantly, avoid making the mistakes others have already done.’

Anatolijus Fouracre
CEO, Swiss Post Solutions, Vietnam; Member of the Executive Board, Swiss Post Solutions

‘In his book on Little BIG Things in Operational Excellence, Debashis Sarkar provides a comprehensive view of sustainable operational excellence. His numerous practical examples from various domains will provide an actionable road map to create operational excellence in one’s own organization. I am looking forward to reading this book with great anticipation.’

Dr Manu K. Vora
Chairman and President, Business Excellence, Inc., USA; Fulbright Specialist, US Department of State, USA

‘I have known Deb for 10 years. He is an outstanding individual and a man of high integrity and ethics. He leads from the front and is a very inspiring leader—notably humble. His knowledge is profound and intense. There is tremendous learning from him. He explains the most difficult and complex content in a very simple way so that everyone can understand. He is always up to date. I would recommend and encourage everyone to read this book. We will be the beneficiaries.’

Vishwanathan Gopalan
Director—Finance, Global Delivery Centre, BNY Mellon

‘Little BIG Things in Operational Excellence is a delightful read, evidence based and full of insights. Debashis has this amazing ability to unearth nuggets from compelling stories. Clearly, these can come handy as we navigate the challenges of operational excellence.’

Sashidharan Menon
Group Head of Compliance and Corporate Governance, Bank of Sharjah, UAE

‘Operational excellence is pivotal to achieving competitive advantage. The compelling stories and experiences shared by Debashis make the book one of the finest in the field of operational excellence. The ‘little big things’ can do wonders; I enjoyed reading every bit of it.’

Gautam Mahipal
Managing Director, APAC Regional Controller at State Street

‘Debashis’s book is a must-read for operational excellence practitioners who want to bring people, processes, operations strategies and technologies together to deliver value in a changing world.’

Alice Clochet
Editor, Process Excellence Network, UK

‘I have known Debashis for his work in operational excellence over more than a decade. He has this innate ability to offer simple guidance but produce big impact transformationally. The book brings simplicity to the field of operational excellence. I wish the readers of the book a wonderful useful voyage into how to make business perform better.’

Ravi Krishnamurthy
President, SBILIFE

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