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Listening To Culture

Listening To Culture
Constructing Reality From Everyday Talk

First Edition

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Cultural Studies (General)

May 2004 | 235 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Listening to Culture presents everyday cultural activity in Indian family and community life in order to demonstrate why and how such activity must be encompassed in the study of individuals and collectives. The author explores the rich world of everyday talk—in families, with children, between friends, at the work place—and shows the significance of this domain of social activity for an understanding of culture.
Foreword Jaan Valsiner
Approaching Cultural Realities  
Cultural Terrains and Language Activity: Interactively Constructed Domains  
Children and Cultural Continuity: Family, Childhood and Socialism  
Investigating Reality: Methodological Predicaments  
The Cultural Setting: Dominant Themes of Childhood in India  
Taxonomy of Personhood in Conversations  
Domains of Heightened Activity  
Principles of Cultural Activity  
Concluding Remarks  

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ISBN: 9780761932000