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Learning in Contemporary Culture

Learning in Contemporary Culture

First Edition

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May 2009 | 160 pages | Learning Matters
This book provides an accessible undergraduate-level introduction to the central educational concepts of learning and culture. In examining these themes it addresses key issues including: what is meant by 'culture'; characteristics commonly associated with contemporary culture; relationships between culture and learning; changing understandings of how, what, where and when we learn; the relationship between learning, national identity and citizenship; and the impact of all these on our way of life today. These ideas are approached from historical, philosophical, sociological, political and psychological perspectives: the traditional disciplines of Education Studies.
Culture and learning
Lessons in culture, community and change: an historical account
Learning in uncertain times: perspectives from philosophy
Learning to live in uncertainty: perspectives from psychology
Politics, power and priorities: perspectives on education policy
In classrooms and corridors: a sociological approach
Outside the school gate: alternative cultures of learning
Learning and identity in a multicultural community

A good text for learners to get to grips with the complexity of different cultures in the classroom.

Miss Antoinette Unsworth
teaching and learning, Michaeljohn Training
March 16, 2015

good as introductory text for undergrad students. Takes an interdisciplinary approach around notion of culture.

Ms Andrea Collins
Faculty of Education, University of St Mark & St John
April 2, 2014

Good Book very useful

Mr Michael Hobson
Department of Education, St Mary's University College
July 22, 2013

Helpful book - recommended as part of wider range of helpful books

Dr Lisa Jones
Centre for Educational Studies, Hull University
February 13, 2013

A good supplemental text. It provides an accessible undergraduate level introduction to concepts of learning and culture.

Miss June Fairclough
NEET, Darlington College
June 30, 2012

Well structured and detailed written in a highly accessible format

Miss Caroline Lewis
Swansea School of Education, Swansea Metropolitan University
April 10, 2012

A great text that examines the complex nature of learning today. A must read for developing practitioners and potential teachers.

Ms Clare Harris
Education (Francis Close Hall), Gloucestershire University
January 4, 2012

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