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Learning and Memory of Knowledge and Skills

Learning and Memory of Knowledge and Skills
Durability and Specificity

January 1995 | 370 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Why do people forget some skills faster than others? What kind of training is most effective at getting people to retain new skills over a longer period of time?

Cognitive psychologists address these questions in this volume by analyzing the results of experiments which used a wide variety of perceptual, cognitive and motoric training tasks. Studies reported on include: the Stroop effect; mental calculation; vocabulary retention; contextual interference effects; autobiographical memory; target detection; and specificity and transfer in choice reaction time tasks. Each chapter explores the extent to which reinstatement of training procedures during retention and transfer tests accounts for both durability and specificity of training.

Alice F Healy and Lyle E Bourne Jr
Durability and Specificity of Facts and Skill

Alice F Healy et al
Optimizing the Long-Term Retention of Skills
William R Marmie and Alice F Healy
The Long-Term Retention of a Complex Skill
Part-Whole Training of Tank Gunner Simulation Exercises

David W Fendrich et al
The Contribution of Procedural Reinstatement to Implicit and Explicit Memory Effects in a Motor Task
Vivian I Schneider et al
The Effects of Contextual Interference on the Acquisition and Retention of Logical Rules
Danielle S McNamara and Alice F Healy
A Generation Advantage for Multiplication Skill Training and Nonword Vocabulary Acquisition
William T Wittman and Alice F Healy
A Long-Term Retention Advantage for Spatial Information Learned Naturally and in the Laboratory
John J Skowronski et al
Long-Term Performance in Autobiographical Event Dating
Patterns of Accuracy and Error Across a Two-and-a-Half Year Time Span

Deborah M Clawson et al
Training and Retention of the Classic Stroop Task
Specificity of Practice Effects

Timothy C Rickard and Lyle E Bourne Jr
An Identical Elements Model of Basic Arithmetic Skills
Janet D Proctor and Alice F Healy
Acquisition and Retention of Skilled Letter Detection
Robert W Proctor and Addie Dutta
Acquisition and Transfer of Response-Selection Skill
Rodney J Vogl and Charles P Thompson
The Specificity and Durability of Rajan's Memory

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