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Leading and Managing Extended Schools

Leading and Managing Extended Schools
Ensuring Every Child Matters

February 2009 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
'This is a stimulating and well-researched book that will interest anyone who cares about how our schools should evolve' - Matters Arising

'What are schools for? What happens when school walls come tumbling down, and school and community become inextricably linked, offering a range of extended provision to young people and opportunities for lifelong learning to adults? How would you lead such a school? David Middlewood and Richard Parker draw upon their personal and researched experience, to explore school leadership within a community which has an extended school at its heart. This is an engaging and purposeful book for researchers and practitioners alike' - Professor Ann Briggs, Newcastle University, Chair of BELMAS

This book shows leaders of all types of schools how to become effective in extended schooling and fulfil 'Every Child Matters' (ECM) requirements, by building on and adapting their current practices. The authors explain the context of Extended Schools, in the UK and elsewhere, and outline the features of effectiveness in schools and their leaders.

The authors provide practical advice using case studies from a range of settings which show what can be achieved across a wide variety of contexts. 'Points to consider' give advice to readers at all levels, covering staffing and resourcing, as well as the creation and development of successful partnerships in the community.

This book is an essential resource for leaders beginning in extended schools, and leaders already working in extended schools across nursery, primary and secondary settings. It is also relevant to governors, inspectors and advisers and leaders studying masters and doctorate courses in Leadership and Education Policy.

What Are Extended Schools and Why Are They Needed?
The Implications for Current Schooling
What Kinds of Leadership Then?
Staffing the Extended School
Managing and Evaluating Performance and Accountability
Parents and Extended Schools
Creating Dynamic Partnerships
Sustaining Effective Partnerships in Extended Services
Resourcing the Extended School

'What is particularly pleasing about this book, from the school leader's point of view, is the clear and focused approach the authors adopt to placing extended school's approaches at the heart of the school improvement agenda...Lucid, accessible and extremely well structured...perhaps 'extending' using Middlewood and Parkers' approach, will lead to every person feeling they mattered' -
Management in Education

'This is a much needed book to provide insights and advice on current developments in the field of extended schooling, [combining] research amd practical experience in a perceptive and authoritative account...The book is well written in an accessible style and provides excellent case examples that bring an authenticity to the narrative...This is a very valuable contribution to the literature and is very timely as we consider future educational provision' -
Professor Brent Davies, Professor of International Leadership Development,
The University of Hull

The development of extended services at or through schools is, for many schools a daunting prospect. The authors provide examples of good practice which help to demonstrate how ES can complement the curriculum and facilitate community cohesion.

Ms Rose Envy
School of Social Science & Law, University of Teesside
April 5, 2011

This is a helpful and clearly written book on leading and managing extended schools. It gives the background to the extended schools policy and advice on implementation. There are various case examples throughout the book to promote reflection on the practical challenges. Extended schools are a relatively new development so it will be interesting to read publications which take a more critical approach to the policy and its implementation in the future.

Dr Anthony Thorpe
Education , Roehampton University
November 5, 2010

This is a comparatively neglected area in the field of school leadership and management and this book sets out many of the key issues in a clear and accessible way. Although it refers specifically to Every Child Matters, it has relevance to other agendas in different parts of the UK.

Dr Cate Watson
Education, Stirling University
November 2, 2010

A very readable text that draws the reader into reading more than they had intended to. A well written book that will support many students understanding of extended schools, leadership and management and in some contexts - multi-agency working

Ms Allison Dunhill
Education , Hull University
April 19, 2010

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