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Four Volume Set
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March 2011 | 1 672 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Leadership is a field in which so much is written. This one-stop, definitive collection of articles brings together the most significant leadership literature to be published in four succinct volumes.

While focusing on the most valuable research, the collection takes an international perspective by drawing from the diverse geographic range of leadership research that is being conducted.

The articles are organized into a set of specific time-periods, Volume One examines major contributions published in the years between 1947 and 1985 and Volume Two covers the period 1987 to 1999. These two volumes include many of the classic articles which helped to establish leadership studies as a key field of study and research in its own right. Volume Three explores the period 2000 to 2005 and Volume Four examines more recent contributions drawn from the period 2005 to 2009. This final volume addresses emerging issues and points to future possible research paths.

VOLUME ONE: 1947-1985
Frontiers in Group Dynamics: Concept, Method and Reality in Social Science; Social Equilibria and Social Change

K. Lewin
Personal Factors Associated with Leadership: A Survey of the Literature

R. Stodgill
The Human Side of Enterprise

D.M. McGregor
Leadership and Theory Administrative Behaviour: The Problem of Authority

W. Bennis
Some Conditions of Obedience and Disobedience to Authority

S. Milgram
A Path Goal Theory of Leader Effectiveness

R. House

I.L. Janis
How Do You Make Leaders More Effective? New Answers to an Old Puzzle

F. Fiedler
The Ambiguity of Leadership

J. Pfeffer
Managers and Leaders: Are They Different?

A. Zalenik
Substitutes for Leadership

S. Kerr and J.M. Jermier
Leadership: The Management of Meaning

L. Smircich and G. Morgan
The Role of the Founder in Creating Organizational Culture

E.H. Schein
Leadership: Good, Better, Best

B. Bass
Narcissism and Leadership: An Object Relations Perspective

M.F.R. Kets de Vries and D. Miller
The Romance of Leadership

J.R. Meindl, S.B. Ehrlich and J.M. Dukerich
VOLUME TWO: 1987-1999
Toward a Behavioural Theory of Charismatic Leadership in Organizational Settings

J. Conger and R. Kanungo
Organizing, Leadership and Skilful Process

D.M. Hosking
In Praise of Hierarchy

E. Jaques
Leadership: An Alienating Social Myth?

G. Gemmill and J. Oakley
Connective Leadership: Female Leadership Styles in the 21st Century Workplace

J. Lipmen-Blumen
Leadership Develoment in the New Millennium

J.C. Rost
A Definition and Illustration of Democratic Leadership

J. Gastil
Leadership Ethics: Mapping the Territory

J.B. Ciulla
Conceptualizing Leadership Processes: A Study of Senior Managers in a Financial Services Company

D. Knights and H. Wilmott
Tempered Radicalism and the Politics of Ambivalence and Change

D.E. Meyerson and M.A. Scully
Global Women Political Leaders: An Invisible History, and Increasingly Important Future

N.J. Adler
The Importance of Context: Qualitative Research and the Study of Leadership

A. Bryman, M. Stephens and C. Campo
Meeting God: When Organizational Members Come Face to Face with the Supreme Leader

Y. Gabriel
The Work of Leadership

R. Heifetz and D. Laurie
The Charismatic Relationship: A Dramaturgical Perspective

W.L. Gardner and B.J. Avolio
An Evaluation of Conceptual Weaknesses in Transformational and Charismatic Leadership Theories

G. Yukl
VOLUME THREE: 2000-2005
Leadership that Gets Results

D. Goleman
Thinking Outside the Box by Looking Inside the Box: Extending the Cognitive Revolution in Leadership Research

R.G. Lord and C.G. Emrich
Explaining Ethical Failures of Leadership

T.L. Price
A Social Identity Theory of Leadership

M.A. Hogg
The Nature of Leadership

R.A. Barker
Leader Distance: A Review and a Proposed Theory

J. Antonakis and L. Atwater
Conceptualizing Leadership with Respect to Its Historical-Contextual Antecedents to Power

R. Gordon
Distributed Leadership as a Unit of Analysis

P. Gronn
Toward a Contextual Theory of Leadership

R.N. Osborn, J.G. Hunt and L.R. Jauch
Hofstede's Model of National Cultural Differences and Their Consequences

B. McSweeney
The Two Faces of Transformational Leadership: Empowerment and Dependency

R. Kark, B. Shamir and G. Chen
Research on Leadership in a Cross-Cultural Context: Making Progress, and Raising New Questions

M. W. Dickson, D. Den Hartog and J. Michelsen
Managers Doing Leadership: The Extraordinarization of the Mundane

M. Alvesson and S. Sveningsson
Developing Versatile Leadership

R. E. Kaplan and R. B. Kaiser
The Paradox of Postheroic Leadership: An Essay on Gender, Power, and Transformational Change

J.K. Fletcher
Managing Authenticity: The Paradox of Great Leadership

R. Goffee and G. Jones
Inter-Group Leadership

T. Pittinsky and S. Simon
VOLUME FOUR: 2005-2009
Problems, Problems: The Social Construction of 'Leadership'

K. Grint
Dialectics of Leadership

D.L. Collinson
Crisis and Charisma in the California Recall Election

M.C. Bligh, J.C. Kohles and R. Pillai
Charismatic Leadership and Corporate Cultism at Enron: The Elemination of Dissent, the Promotion of Conformity and Organziational Collapse

D. Tourish and N. Vatcha
CEO Portraits and the Authenticity Paradox

E. Guthey and B. Jackson
Body Possibilities in Leadership

A. Sinclair
The Virtual Leader Construct: The Mass Mediatization and Simulation of Transformational Leadership

D.M. Boje and C. Rhodes
The Anthropology of Leadership: Culture and Corporate Leadership in the American South

A.M. Jones
Eating the Menu Rather than the Dinner: Tao and Leadership

L. Prince
The Enchantment of the Charismatic Leader: Charisma Reconsidered as Aesthetic Encounter

D. Ladkin
Female Leadership Advantage and Disadvantage: Resolving the Contradictions

A.H. Eagly
Complexity Leadership Theory: Shifting Leadership from the Industrial Age to the Knowledge Era

M. Uhl-Bien, R. Marion and B. McKelvey
Followership: The Theoretical Foundation of a Contemporary Construct

S.D. Baker
Leadership as Practice: Challenging the Competency Paradigm

B. Carroll, L. Levy and D. Richmond
Weaving Color Lines: Race, Ethnicity, and the Work of Leadership in Social Change Organizations

S. Ospina and C. Su

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