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Law and Youth Work

Law and Youth Work

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September 2009 | 120 pages | Learning Matters
This book offers a practical and straightforward approach to understanding how the law protects, empowers and regulates young people's lives. The implications for the professional youth worker of a wide range of dilemmas are considered. Workers are encouraged to consider what is meant by rights and, through practical examples, to examine their own beliefs and ethical codes, particularly where they conflict with established rules.

The book combines real-life examples with discussion points on some of the key principles of law, inviting readers to consider what it means to be professional and to promote and support young peoples' rights.

About this book
Human rights, everybody's right?
Autonomy and consent
Capacity and mental health
Safeguarding young people
Participation and decision-making
Discrimination, diversity and human rights
Crime and disorder

An excellent text for the Foundation Degree learners that gives a broad overview of contemporary legal issues when working with Young People

Olle Chima
Care and Health , College of haringey, Enfield and NE London
May 21, 2013

While this is a useful overview of issues, as it is based on UK legislation it can be used as a guide/starting point for our students

Ms Louise Cadwell
Dept. of Applied Social Studies, National University of Ireland, Maynooth
March 19, 2013

An essential and accessible guide for all students studying professional practice in applied community and youth work.

Miss Sarah McMullen
Social Science , Derby University
September 12, 2012

great text

Ms Melanie Feek
Community and Youth, College of St Mark and St John
June 19, 2012

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