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Land Use Planning

Land Use Planning
The Ballot Box Revolution

February 1992 | 264 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
There is a growing trend in Europe and the United States towards local use of the referendum to decide land use matters. Local communities are taking a more active role in planning the building programmes around them. Using examples from the United States this book includes an analysis and overview of direct democracy, the increasing use of ballot box planning to settle land use issues, legal considerations of ballot box planning and the future of this type of urban management.
Direct Democracy and Its Place in Democratic Theory
Ballot Box Planning in the United States
Legal Considerations in Ballot Box Planning
Barnstable County, Massachusetts
Managing Growth at the Regional Level

Portland, Maine
Preserving the Working Waterfront

San Diego, California
Preventing the Los Angelization of San Diego

Seattle, Washington
Capping Downtown Growth


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