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Land Reforms in India

Land Reforms in India
Karnataka: Promises Kept and Missed

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July 1997 | 292 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
The land reform legislation in the Indian state of Karnataka is the focus of this book. Issues discussed include: the reforms in the context of a market-driven economy; decentralized agrarian reform; tenancy reforms; the social costs and benefits of the reforms; tribal rights; and managing common property resources. The contributors address the central questions concerning what direction Karnataka should now take with regard to land reform.
N C Saxena
Sudhir Krishna
Land Reforms Debate
An Overview  
M V Nadkarni
Land Reforms
Their Continued Relevance  
Narendar Pani
Towards Decentralized Agrarian Reform
Lessons from Karnataka's 1974 Experience  
Abdul Aziz
Reflections on Land Ceilings Legislation in Karnataka
G Thimmaiah
New Perspectives on Land Reforms
M A S Rajan
Effects of Land Reforms
What Next?  
K Gopal Iyer
Implementation of the Land Ceiling Programme
K H Gopala Krishne Gowda
Tenancy Reforms
The Macro Perspective  
G V Joshi
Implementation of Tenancy Reforms
The Case of Uttara Kannada District  
Chandrashekhara B Damle
Agrarian Inequality
Post-Land Reforms Experience in Dakshina Kannada District  
K Gopel Iyer
Tenancy Reforms
The Field Perspective  
Hari Hara Nath
Land Reforms and Common Property Resources
A R Rajapurohit
Social Benefits and Ecological Costs of Distributive Land Reforms
K Gopal Iyer
Distribution of Government Land
M K Ramesh
Tribal Rights and Forest Laws in Karnataka
A Preliminary Enquiry  
Subhash C Khuntia et al
Computerization of Land Records in Karnataka
A Case Study of Gulbarga District  

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