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Land Policies for Equity and Growth

Land Policies for Equity and Growth
Transforming the Agrarian Structure in Uttar Pradesh

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Ajit Kumar Singh - Retired Director, Giri Institute of Development Studies, Lucknow
  • Santosh Mehrotra - Professor of Economics, Centre for Informal Sector and Labour Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

June 2014 | 426 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd

Land Policies for Equity and Growth is perhaps the first book of its kind on land issues, including land reforms, in one of India’s most populous states—Uttar Pradesh.  In its 18 chapters—authored by scholars who have spent several decades researching land issues in UP—the book sets out land policies to promote agricultural growth with equity in a state that accounts for a very significant share of the rural poor of India. 

The book discusses both old and new issues. While it examines the historical consequences of the Zamindari Abolition Act (1950) and the Land Ceiling Legislations (1960 and 1972) in UP, it also looks at new, emerging issues in land and agrarian relations, like land use policy (or rather its absence) in the state. It also discusses the need for modernising land records, computerising them and, most importantly, ensuring titling on the basis of ground-truthing actual landownership.

This book attempts to relate land policy issues to the policy discourse in UP.  It is based upon an analysis of well known as well as new data sources.  The authors examine data from old National Sample Surveys as well as the most recent one (2009–2010).  The authors also carried out primary surveys in the four well-defined agro-climatic zones of UP, the findings of which are reported in the book.

Santosh Mehrotra
Introduction: Agricultural Growth with Equity in Uttar Pradesh
Partha Saha and Santosh Mehrotra
Land Issues Then and Now in India: New Challenges and Policy Dilemmas
Hiranmay Dhar
Landlordlism without Landlord: The UP Land Reform
Ajit Kumar Singh
Land Reforms and Agricultural Development in UP: Retrospect
Richa Singh
Agrarian Structure and Agricultural Development: An Inter-district Analysis
Siddharth Dube
The Dalit Experience of Land Reform: The Case of a Pratapgarh Village, from Independence to 2012
Prashant Kumar Trivedi
Land Reforms and Dalits
Partha Saha
Asset Ownership and Terms of Tenancy Contracts: Caste and Class in a Village in Western UP
Kripa Shankar
The Unfinished Agenda of Land Reforms: A Qualitative Assessment
Ajit Kumar Singh
Land Reforms: A Farmer Perspective
Status of Tenancy: Some Facts from the Field
Ajit Kumar Singh and Pratap Singh Garia
Impact of Land Distribution on the Rural Poor: A Field Study
Vasant W Ambekar and R K Singh
Land Use Scenario in Uttar Pradesh
Ashok Choudhary and Roma Malik
Forest Land: Disputes over Ownership in Uttar Pradesh—Case Study of Kaimur Region of UP
Ajay Kumar Singh
Land Management in Uttar Pradesh: Land Records and Property
Ajay Kumar Singh
Land Management: Land Acquisition and Rehabilitation and Resettlement
Yoginder K Alagh
Emerging Issues in Land Reforms and Land Policy
Santosh Mehrotra and Ajit Kumar Singh
Land Policies for Agricultural Growth with Equity: An Agenda for Uttar Pradesh

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ISBN: 9788132113607