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Land Economics and Policy in Developing Countries

Land Economics and Policy in Developing Countries

  • Prasanna K. Mohanty - Honorary Professor of Economics at the School of Economics, University of Hyderabad, India

November 2021 | 560 pages | SAGE India
Land economics is grossly neglected in developing countries, including India. The disconnect between land use planning through master plans and land economics is glaring. Master planning has led to an acute scarcity of serviced land and floor space for economic growth and affordable housing. It has resulted in sprawl, housing–employment mismatch, environmental degradation, social exclusion, rent-seeking and deadweight welfare losses. Land Economics and Policy in Developing Countries delves into theory and practice of land economics to draw lessons for land policy and management. It presents concepts and perspectives of land, functioning of land markets, determinants of location and land use, fallacies of comprehensive land use planning, sustainable land management design, land-based financing of infrastructure and land policy reforms in developing countries. This book evaluates land policy and national urban strategy frameworks, and suggests directions for broader reforms in urban planning, financing and governance.
Land Economics: Concepts, Perspectives and Overview
Characteristics of Land: Functioning of Land Markets in Developing Countries
Determinants of Location: Theory, Practice and Lessons for Development Strategy
Determinants of Land Use: Theory, Practice and Lessons for Land Policy
An Appraisal of Land Use Planning: Exploring a New Paradigm for Developing Countries
Sustainable Land Management: Connecting Transportation, Land Use and Development
Financing Land Development: Designing a Toolbox of Land-based Instruments
Land Economics and Policy: Addressing the Challenges of Sustainable Development

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