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Key Issues in Education and Social Justice

Key Issues in Education and Social Justice

August 2012 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
'This excellent book considers the extent to which policy and practice, particularly in the UK, have led to a more equitable education system and ultimately to a fairer society. The ideas and arguments are extremely accessible, wide-ranging and well-informed. A welcome addition to the reading list and one that I can highly recommend' - Jane Bates, Programme Leader fo Education Studies, Manchester Metropolitan Univeristy


Inequalities can be experienced in different forms, from birth to school experiences to the many different modes of learning as we grow up.


This book focuses on educational experience as a lifelong and society-wide issue. The author draws on research, policy and contemporary thinking in the field to provide a comprehensive guide to the educational inequalities that may exist and persist throughout an individual's educational course.


Providing an international perspective on different ethnic, gender and social groups, the book covers a broad range of issues, including:


- theoretical, policy and research developments in the area

- inequalities that may exist during the years of schooling

- government policy

- beyond the school classroom


This book is essential reading for undergraduate students on Education-Studies programmes. It is also useful for students on Masters and Initial Teacher Education programmes.


Emma Smith is Reader in Education at the University of Birmingham

An Introduction to Education and Social Justice
Social Justice and Inequality
Good Schools for All: Schooling and Social Justice
Falling Standards and Failing Students? Inequalities in Student Outcomes
Included or Excluded? Social Justice and Special Educational Needs
Pupils' Experiences of Social Justice in School
Higher Education and Social Justice
Social Justice and the Learning Society
Concluding Comments

recommended as essential starting point for students sidestepping into educational research, especially following the green paper 2015

Mrs Anke L Twigg-Flesner
HE Equine, Hartpury College
September 22, 2016

Similar to another text I reviewed, this will be useful for a smaller group of my students who are re-routing their area of interest from equine and animal sciences towards education. Very topical following the green paper, and very current still.

Mrs Anke L Twigg-Flesner
HE Equine, Hartpury College
May 10, 2016

This would be recommended for foundation degree learners. Linksinto one unit of work in relation to level 3 childcare course.

Mrs kerry clayton
Childcare, The Maltings College
January 20, 2016

Excellent coverage of the key issues in social justice.

Dr Shaista Shirazi
Interdiscipline , University of Glasgow
July 31, 2015

Smith's work is highly recommended for undergraduates with an interest in education and social justice. Smith offers the reader additional resources and readings and insightful reflection points which will aid the understanding of this topic.

Mrs Jade Murden
Education , Derby University
April 9, 2015

Written with passion. Very accessible and valuable for M level study and beyond.

Ms Louise Lambert
Faculty of Education, Birmingham City University
February 24, 2015

A good introductory text for students who need extra support with getting into the area of social justice.

Mr Lewis Stockwell
School of Education, Hertfordshire University
February 23, 2015

A somewhat interesting text but very general.

Miss Alyson Lewis
Newport School of Education, University of South Wales (Newport)
January 6, 2015

This is an informative and easy-to-read discourse on a wide range of issues. It provides an overview of the key issues for students, providing a starting point for further research.

Mrs Sue Fraser
School of Education, Social Work &, Dundee University
April 10, 2014

This text identifies key areas of social justice. It is a good introduction for our education students.

Mrs Susan Buckman
Education, Dundee University
March 31, 2014

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