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Key Concepts in Corporate Social Responsibility

Key Concepts in Corporate Social Responsibility

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Introducing the key concepts in corporate social responsibility, the authors bring together the essential issues relevant to the responsible management of businesses, not-for-profit organizations and government.


With detailed coverage and cross-referencing for each concept and over 50 concepts introduced, this guide to both the theory and implementation of CSR and sustainability, provides an indispensable reference for any student of the subject.


Key concepts include: accountability; business ethics; corporate citizenship; corporate environmental reporting; definitions of CSR; ethical consumerism; human rights; NGOs; risk management; stakeholder theory and sustainable development.

Agency Theory
Business at the Bottom of the Pyramid
Business Case for CSR
Business Ethics
Business Networks
Civil Society
Codes of Conduct
Community Relations
Complexity Theory
Corporate Accountability
Corporate Citizenship
Corporate Responsibility Reporting
Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Sustainability
Corporate Sustainability Strategies
Employee Engagement
Employee Health and Safety
Environmental Discourses
Environmental Policy Tools
Ethical Consumerism
Fair Trade
Green Marketing
Human Rights
Intergenerational Equity
Intragenerational Equity
Performance Evaluation and Measurement
Pollution and Waste Management
Product Stewardship
Resource-Based View
Responsible Leadership
Risk Management
Social and Societal Marketing
Social Capital
Social Entrepreneurship
Social Partnerships
Socially Responsible Investment
Stakeholder Theory
Sustainable Development
Systems Approaches
Triple Bottom Line
Voluntary Regulation

It covered the concepts of the module.

Mrs Sian Marie Pitson
Swansea Business School, Swansea Metropolitan University
March 29, 2016

A good reference for terminology related to CSR and sustainability.

Dr Ralitza Nikolaeva
Business School, ISCTE - Inst of Soc Sci & Bus Studies
May 19, 2015

This book is a good reference for students and practitioners of CSR in academia and corporations.

Mr Ketill Magnússon
School of Business, Reykjavik University
October 21, 2013

Useful reference for students looking to get to grips with the key concepts that they will encounter on an undergraduate CSR course.

Dr Matthew Davis
Leeds University Business School, Leeds University
March 25, 2013

A very handy textbook which covers all of the relevant issues in CSR and will be a must for all business students. The issues are relveant to modules in Business Ethics and/or Strategic Management and Strategic Marketing. Suitable at Honours and Pg level.

Mr Benny Sweeney
Business School (Hamilton), University of the West of Scotland
February 26, 2013

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