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Just Teach! in FE

Just Teach! in FE
A people-centered approach

February 2018 | 144 pages | Learning Matters
Just Teach! in FE is a straightforward, helpful, engaging and reliable read for all beginning teachers. It focuses on the needs of the teacher and the learner and outlines this people-centered approach. This focus on the principles of good teaching, and the theory behind them, frees the reader from ever-changing structures and provides truly practical strategies to use from their first lesson.

The text supports beginning teachers to Be organised; Be resourceful; Be resilient and to Just keep teaching. It is an engaging exploration of real teaching in FE and of the pressures and challenges that FE teachers face.  
Part 1 Introducing people centred teaching and learning
Introducing people-centred teaching for connected professionals
What did learning theories ever do for me?
Part 2 Just teach
Just teach 1 – Building and keeping trust
Just teach 2 – Be organised
Just teach Part 3 – Be connected
Just teach Part 4 – Come together and stand together
Part 3 Just keep teaching
Just keep teaching – teaching and learning careers

It is so refreshing to read a book which champions the professional judgement of teachers and advocates the core values of education.  Understanding the people – students and colleagues – must always be fundamental to successful teaching.  Teachers, at whatever level, must have eyes, ears and minds that are open and they must not be constrained by the delivery of a prescribed curriculum, or solely focused on achieving targets designed by faceless civil servants remote from the students and teachers who matter.  Your book offers hope and inspiration, so desperately needed in our schools and colleges.

Brian McDowell

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Chapter 3: Just teach 1- Building and keeping trust

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