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Judgement and Decision Making

Judgement and Decision Making

Four Volume Set
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September 2009 | 1 624 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
How do people decide what to do? What is the origin of judgment? These questions are fundamental both to individual psychology, and across the social sciences. Judgement and Decision Making bring together the classic works in the field of the past 50 years, both setting the field in historical and theoretical context, and outlining cutting edge research. The articles range across psychology, economics, sociology and neuroscience, and deals both with fundamental and applied research. Volume 1, Foundations, sets out core background material. Volume 2, Individual Decision Making, considers how people make choices, including choices between complex options, and choices involving risk and time. Volume 3, Probability and Judgment, considers how people reason with uncertainty, estimate frequencies, and determine degrees of confidence. Volume 4, Interactive and Group Processes, considers how people make decisions in social interactions, group decision making, and implications for economics and society. The collection is targeted and advanced undergraduates and graduate students in Psychology, Economics, and Business, and provides a foundation for students and practioners in cognitive psychology, behavioural economics, behavioural finance, neuroeconomics, and marketing.
Half A Century of Judgment and Decision Making Research

Nick Chater
A. Rationality
A Tutorial Introduction to Decision Theory

D. W. North
The Nature and Scope of Rational-choice Explanation

J. Elster
Rational Choice and the Structure of the Environment

H.A. Simon
Choices, Values, and Frames

D. Kahneman and A. Tversky
The Rational Analysis of Mind and Behaviour

Nick Chater and M. Oaksford
B. Theoretical Perspectives
Organismic Achievement and Environmental Probability

E. Brunswik
Man as an Intuitive Statistician

C.R. Peterson and L.R. Beach
A Perspective on Judgment and Choice: Mapping bounded rationality

D. Kahneman
Bounding Rationality to the World

P.M. Todd and G. Gigerenzer
Adaptive Strategy Selection in Decision Making

J.W. Payne, J.R. Bettman and E.J. Johnson
Reasoning in Explanation-based Decision Making

N. Pennington and R. Hastie
C. Utility
An Experimental Measurement of Utility

F. Mosteller and P. Nogee
Value Elicitation: Is there anything in there?

B. Fischoff
Back to Bentham? Explorations of experienced utility

D. Kahneman, P.P. Wakker and R. Sarin
Coherent Arbitrariness: Stable demand curves without stable preferences

D. Ariely, G. Loewenstein and D. Prelec
Does Living in California Make People Happy? A focusing illusion in judgments of life satisfaction

D.A. Schkade and D. Kahneman
Lottery Winners and Accident Victims: Is happiness relative?

P. Brickman, D. Coates and R. Janoff-Bulman
Decision and Experience: Why don't we choose what makes us happy?

C.K. Hsee and R. Hastie
Nonconsequentialist Decisions

J. Baron
A. Decision Making
The Theory of Decision Making

W. Edwards
Elimination by aspects: A theory of choice

A. Tverksy
Experimental Tests of the Endowment Effect and the Coase Theorem

D. Kahneman, J.L. Knetsch and R.H. Thaler
What a Speaker's Choice of Frame Reveals: Reference points, frame selection, and framing effects

C.R.M. McKenzie and J.D. Nelson
Choosing Versus Rejecting: Why some options are both better and worse than others

E. Shafir
Reason-based Choice

E. Shafir, I. Simonson and A. Tversky
The Construction of Preference

P. Slovic
B. Decisions under Risk
The Framing of Decisions and the Psychology of Choice

A. Tversky and D. Kahneman
Prospect Theory: An analysis of decisions under risk

D. Kahneman and A. Tversky
The Priority Heuristic: Making choices without trade-offs

E. Brandstätter, G. Gigerenzer and R. Hertwig
Decisions from Experience and the Effect of Rare Events in Risky Choice

R. Hertwig, G. Barron, E.U. Weber and I. Erev
Humans Rapidly Estimate Expected Gain in Movement Planning

J. Trommershäuser, M.S. Landy and L.T. Maloney
C. Decisions and Time
Preference Reversals Due to Myopic Discounting of Delayed Reward

K.N. Kirby and R.J. Herrnstein
Temporal Construal

Y. Trope and N. Liberman
The Red and the Black: Mental accounting of savings and debt

D. Prelec and G. Loewenstein
Save More Tomorrow: Using behavioral economics to increase employee savings

S. Benartzi and R. Thaler
A. Probability and Risk
Availability: A heuristic for judging frequency and probability

A. Tversky and D. Kahneman
Subjective Probability: A judgment of representativeness

D. Kahneman and A. Tversky
Extensional Versus Intuitive Reasoning: The conjunction fallacy in probability judgments

A. Tversky and D. Kahneman
Optimal Predictions in Everyday Cognition

T.L. Griffiths and J.B. Tenenbaum
Decision by Sampling

M. Stewart, N. Chater and G.D.A Brown
How to Improve Bayesian Reasoning without Instruction: Frequency formats

G. Gigerenzer and U. Hoffrage
Risk Perception and Communication

B. Fischoff, A. Bostrom, and M. Jacobs Quandrel
B. Judgment
Measurement and prediction, clinical and statistical

J. Sawyer
On the Psychology of Prediction

D. Kahneman and A. Tversky
The Robust Beauty of Improper Linear Models

R.M. Dawes
Reasoning the Fast and Frugal Way: Models of. bounded rationality

G. Gigerenzer and D. Goldstein
Spontaneous Discounting of Availability in Frequency Judgment Tasks

D.M. Oppenheimer
Beware of Samples! A cognitive-ecological sampling approach to judgment biases

K. Fiedler
C. Confidence, Goals and Expertise
Physicians' use of Probabilistic Information in a Real Clinical Setting

J.J.J. Christensen-Szalanski and J.B. Bushyhead
Do Those Who Know More also Know More about How Much They Know?

S. Lichtenstein and B. Fischhoff
The Naive Intuitive Statistician: A naive sampling model of intuitive confidence intervals

P. Juslin, A. Winman and P. Hansson
The Process-performance Paradox in Expert Judgment: How can experts know so much and predict so badly?

C.F. Camerer and E.J. Johnson
A. Interactive Decision Making
Some Experimental Games

M.M. Flood

R. Dawes and R. Thaler
The Evolution of Cooperation

R. Axelrod and W.D. Hamilton
The Illusion of Morality as Self-interest: A reason to cooperate in social dilemmas

J. Baron
Predicting how People Play Games: Reinforcement learning in experimental games with unique, mixed strategy equilibria

I. Erev and A.E. Roth
An Experimental Analysis of Ultimatum Bargaining

W. G th, R. Schmittberger and B. Schwarze
B. Judgment and Decision Making In Groups
Bias in Judgment: Comparing individuals and groups

N.L. Kerr, R. MacCoun and G.P. Kramer
Group Polarization: A critical review and meta-analysis

Daniel J. Isenberg
The Common Knowledge Effect: Information sharing and group judgment

D. Gigone and R. Hastie
Not Me or Thee but We: The importance of group identity in eliciting cooperation in dilemma situations: Experimental manipulations

R.M. Dawes, A.J.C. van der Kragt and J.M. Orbell
Interactive Team Reasoning: A contribution to the theory of co-operation

M. Bacharach
The Judgment Policies of Negotiators and the Structure of Negotiation Problems

J.L. Mumpower
C. Decision Making, Economics and Society
An Experimental Study of Competitive Market Behavior

V. Smith
Experimental Study of Inequality and Unpredictability in an Artificial Cultural Market

M.J. Salganik, P.S. Dodds and D.J. Watts
'Economic Man' in Cross-Cultural Perspective: Ethnography and experiments from 15 small-scale societies

J. Henrich, R. Boyd, S. Bowles, H. Gintis, E. Fehr, C. Camerer, R. McElreath, M. Gurven, K. Hill, A. Barr, J. Ensminger, D. Tracer, F. Marlow, J. Patton, M. Alvard, F. Gil-White and N. Smith
Mental Accounting and Consumer Choice

R.H. Thaler
Choice in Context: Trade-off contrast and extremeness aversion

I. Simonson and A. Tversky
Neural Predictors of Purchases

S.R. Knutson, G.E. Wimmer, D. Prelec and G. Loewenstein
Inferences of Competence from Faces Predict Election Outcomes

A. Todorov, A.N. Mandisodza, A. Goren and C.C. Hall

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