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Journals Permissions

In general, reusing or reproducing substantial portions of SAGE Publishing content requires permission. This includes use of text, figures, tables, multimedia content, and any other material published by SAGE. In some instances, SAGE may make its content freely viewable; however, such material may require permission for reuse. To seek permission, please review the information below.

Process for Requesting Permission

SAGE Publishing has partnered with the Copyright Clearance Center for the administration of requests for permission to reuse and/or photocopy SAGE content. In most cases, requests made via RightsLink®, the Copyright Clearance Center’s automated service, can be processed immediately. To request permission via RightsLink®, please see the further instructions below. You may also request permission through the Copyright Clearance Center’s website at If you are unable to complete your request via RightsLink® after following the instructions provided on this page, please email your request to

Tips for a Successful Permissions Request

  • Ensure the content you wish to reuse is not credited to another source. SAGE can only grant permission for own, original content, and any third-party material included within our publications is not included in any permission granted by SAGE.
  • Include as much identifying information as possible for the SAGE content you wish to reuse including the ISSN, DOI, title, authors, volume, issue and page numbers.
  • Describe the way you wish to reuse the content and what rights you require, including languages, formats, territories and the expected print run/number of readers.
  • Please allow sufficient time for processing your request. If the request cannot immediately be approved through RightsLink®, depending on the nature of your request and content requested, it may take up to four weeks to process your permission request.

RightsLink® Journal Exceptions

To request permission for the following titles, please email as these requests cannot be managed through RightsLink®

  • Contexts
  • Medical Decision Making
  • Society and Mental Health

To request permission for the following titles, please email as these requests cannot be managed through RightsLink®:

  • Diogenes
  • Index on Censorship
  • Race and Class

Information for SAGE Authors

If you are an author wishing to reuse material from your SAGE journal article, please see our Journal Author Archiving Policies and Reuse guidelines.

How to Use RightsLink®

  1. Locate the article you wish to reuse on the SAGE Journals website
  2. Once the desired article has been located, click on the ‘Permissions’ link (indicated by the key icon) beneath or to the right hand side of the relevant article. This link will automatically redirect you to the RightsLink® page for the article.    

    Screenshot of Permissions link

  3. On the RightsLink® page, select the option that best describes your use.

    RightsLink questionnaire example

  4. Enter the details regarding the use to receive a price quote. You will need to create a RightsLink® account to complete your request. Please be sure to read and accept the Terms and Conditions of the permissions grant prior to completing your request.

If you are unable to locate the title or otherwise complete your request on RightsLink®, please request permission from the Copyright Clearance Center at  If you are still unable to secure permission, please email us at Please allow up to four weeks to process your request.

Gold Open Access and SAGE Choice

If you wish to re-use an Open Access article under a Creative Commons License (as indicated on the article), please visit our page on Re-use of Open Access Content for more information.