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Journal of Intellectual Disabilities

eISSN: 17446309 | ISSN: 17446295 | Current volume: 28 | Current issue: 2 Frequency: Quarterly
This journal provides a medium for the exchange of best practice, knowledge and research between academic and professional disciplines from education, social, and health settings to bring about advancement of services for people with intellectual disabilities.

"The Journal of Intellectual Disabilities provides evidence of inter-professional scholarship in this applied area. The Journal combines a unique and eclectic blend of evidence of scholarly activity that combines practice development innovation with robust research methodology. The result is a publication that aspires successfully to provide pragmatic solutions to service change and advances in professional practice, based upon best evidence and intellectual rigour. Furthermore, the Journal continues to provide a forum that makes a significant contribution to enhancing the quality of life for people with intellectual disabilities and their supporters'. Professor David Sines, London South Bank University

"Multi-disciplinary research in the field of learning disabilities is much needed but hard to realise. The Journal of Intellectual Disabilities plays a major role in making this a reality to the benefit of both practitioners and researchers." Professor Roy McConkey, University of Ulster

"The Journal of Intellectual Disabilities appears to provide genuine recognition of a multidisciplinary trend in professional practice and seeks to promote research and scholarly work to advance activities of the caring professions. It draws upon several academic disciplines although its focus is practice-oriented. It would appear to fill a market gap insofar as the other major journal in the area is strongly rooted in the discipline of psychology. Published articles are varied yet have in common a shared concern to enhance professional policies and practice." Professor Nigel Malin, University of Derby

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This journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).


The principal aim of the journal is to provide a peer-reviewed medium for the exchange of best practice, knowledge and research between academic and professional disciplines from education, social and health settings to bring about advancement of services for people with intellectual disabilities.


The idea of a practice-led journal is both exciting and timely. This journal serves as a medium for all those involved with people with intellectual disabilities to submit and publish papers on issues relevant to promoting services for people with intellectual disabilities.


The editorial committee and advisory board membership will be multi-professional to reflect the multidisciplinary nature of service provision for people with intellectual disabilities. Manuscripts submitted for publication must be highly relevant to practitioners and presented in a scholarly fashion.


In January 2005 Journal of Learning Disabilities was renamed Journal of Intellectual Disabilities. Within the UK the term 'learning disability' is still a relatively new term that is used to describe a group of people with significant developmental delay resulting in arrested or incomplete achievement of the 'normal' milestones of human development. Elsewhere in the world terms such mental retardation and mental handicap are also used, but such terms are felt to portray negative imagery concerning people with disability. Therefore changing the name of our Journal was fraught with problems. This is because we wanted the Journal to have a title that had international meaning, we did not seek to further marginalise people with disability nor did we wish to be seen to further disempower them by imposing yet another name. Thus the decision to change the title of our Journal was not undertaken lightly nor without considerable consultation. Whereas I accept that 'naming is not a simple act' (Luckasson (2003)), the increasing internationalisation of our publication has led myself and others to conclude that it was necessary for the Journal to change its title. I concluded that the term most suited to the aims and scope of this Journal, and that which seems to have most Universal consensus is that of Intellectual Disabilities. The aims and scope of our Journal remain the same and I hope that the readership will welcome this development to our title. As ever the Journal of Intellectual Disabilities continues to welcome scholarly papers from the wide range of disciplines involved in intellectual disabilities to disseminate their ideas, practice, knowledge and research to their peers through an accessible yet authoritative international publication.



Bob Gates, Thames Valley University-London



LUCKASSON, R. (2003) 'Terminology and Power', in S. S. HER, L. O. GOSTIN & H. H. KOH The Human Rights of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Founding Editor
Prof Bob Gates University of West London, UK
Dr Fintan Sheerin Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Forthcoming Events & Reports Editor
Dr Neil James University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
Editorial Committee
Professor Owen Barr University of Ulster, UK
Bob Gates University of West London, UK
Professor Garry Hornby Institute of Education, University of Plymouth, UK
Neil James University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
Professor Ruth Northway University of South Wales, UK
Dr Laurence Taggart University of Ulster, UK
Consulting Editor
Scott K. Baker University of Oregon, USA
Amy Crosson Pennsylvania State University
Chris Espin Leiden University, Netherlands
Asha Jitendra University of California, Riverside, USA
Erica Lembke University of Missouri, USA
International Advisory Board
Dr May Agius University of Malta, Malta
Dr. Helen Atherton University of Leeds, UK
Professor Michelle A Beauchesne Northeastern University, USA
Dr Petra Bjorne Lund University, Sweden
Dr Catherine Bright Aneurin Bevan Health Board, UK
Dr Owen Doody University of Limerick, Ireland
Dr Sandra Dowling University of Bristol, UK
Professor Susan Gabel Wayne State University, USA
Dr Haitham Jahrami Ministry of Health Manama, Bahrain
Dr Thomas Kishore National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), India
Professor Roy McConkey University of Ulster, UK
Dr Eimear McGlinchey Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Dr Mary-Ann O’Donovan University of Sydney and Centre for Disability Studies, Australia
Professor Wojciech Otrebski John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland
Dr Maria Paiewonsky University of Massachuchetts, Boston, USA
Professor Trevor R. Parmenter University of Sydney, Australia
Professor Sue Read Keele University, UK
Dr Fiona Rillotta Flinders University, Australia
Dr Anupam Thakur Surrey Place Centre, Canada
Dr Katja Valkama Hame University of Applied Sciences, Finland
Dr Nathan Wilson Western Sydney University, Australia
Dr Jane Wray University of Hull, UK
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