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Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making

Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making

Published in Association with Human Factors and Ergonomics Society

ISSN: 15553434 | Current volume: 15 | Current issue: 2-3 Frequency: Quarterly

The Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making is the premier journal of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society for peer-reviewed original papers of scientific merit examining how people engage in cognitive work in real-world settings and how that work can be supported through the design of technologies, operating concepts and operating procedures, decision-making strategies, teams and organizations, and training protocols. Thus, the journal publishes rigorous approaches to the observation, modeling, analysis and design of complex work domains in which human expertise is paramount and multiple aspects of the work environment may drive performance. This scope is quite broad and may include:

  • Naturalistic and ecological studies of domain-embedded cognitive performance, including knowledge and reasoning
  • Cognitive task analyses, cognitive work analyses, and cognitive field research or knowledge elicitation
  • Experiments emphasizing cognitively rich environments and a reliance on domain experts working as individuals or in teams
  • Design of complex and joint cognitive systems that might involve evaluations of systems or envisioning exercises, the application of computational models of human and team performance, or empirical analyses capturing critical information on the impact of system designs on cognition and collaboration
  • New theories and methods for integrating cognitive engineering within system design.

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The focus of the Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making (JCEDM) is on research that seeks to understand how people engage in cognitive work in real-world settings and the development of systems that support that work. The journal features research on human cognition and the application of this knowledge to the design and development of system interfaces, automation, aids and other support systems, training programs, personnel selection devices, and coordination environments for people who work in teams or groups.

Research that is conducted in both ecologically valid task simulations and in field settings is included. JCEDM is interested in advances in the theory of cognition in naturalistic work environments, empirical results obtained from the study of decision processes, cognitive engineering initiatives, cognitive modeling, and innovative methodologies for conducting research in simulation and natural settings.

Jan Maarten Schraagen TNO & University of Twente, The Netherlands
Associate Editors
Chris Baber University of Birmingham, UK
Karen Feigh Georgia Institute of Techology, USA
Stephen M. Fiore University of Central Florida, USA
Nathan K. C. Lau Virginia Tech, USA
Emilie M. Roth Roth Cognitive Engineeering, USA
Paul Ward MITRE Corporation, USA
Advisory Editorial Board
Mica R. Endsley SA Technologies, Inc., USA
Rhona Flin University of Aberdeen, UK
Robert R. Hoffman Institute for Human and Machine Cognition, USA
Gary Klein University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, USA
Editorial Board
Julie A. Adams Oregon State University, USA
Amy Alexander MIT Lincoln Laboratory, USA
Ellen Bass Drexel University, USA
Dorrit Billman San Jose State University at NASA Ames Research Center, USA
Ann M. Bisantz University at Buffalo, USA
Cheryl Bolstad Sandia National Laboratories, USA
Catherine M. Burns University of Waterloo, Canada
Michael Byrne Rice University, USA
Stephen Casner National Aeronautics and Space Administration, USA
Cynthia O. Dominguez MITRE Corporation, USA
Michael Dorneich Iowa State University, USA
Robert Eggleston U.S. Air Force Laboratory
Michael Feary NASA Ames Research Center, USA
Robert J. B. Hutton Nottingham Trent University, UK
Denis Javaux Symbio, USA
David B. Kaber North Carolina State University, USA
Alexander Kirlik University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
John Lee University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA
Gavan Lintern Cognitive Systems Design, Australia
Laura G. Militello Applied Decision Science, LLC, USA
Neelam Naikar Defence Science & Technology Organisation
Amy Pritchett Penn State University, USA
Penelope M. Sanderson The University of Queensland, Australia
Lawrence G. Shattuck Naval Postgraduate School, USA
Philip J. Smith The Ohio State University, USA
Mark F. St. John Pacific Science & Engineering Group, Inc., USA
B. L. William Wong Middlesex University, UK
Yan Xiao Baylor Health Care System, USA
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