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Journal of Interpretation Research

Journal of Interpretation Research

Published in Association with National Association for Interpretation

Marc J. Stern Virginia Tech, USA
Bob Powell Clemson University, USA

eISSN: 26929376 | ISSN: 10925872 Frequency: Bi-annually
The primary function of the Journal is to disseminate original empirical research regarding interpretation. However, the Journal of Interpretation Research takes a broad view of the field of interpretation and publishes manuscripts from a wide-range of academic disciplines. The primary criteria for deeming a manuscript appropriate for the Journal are whether it adds to the current state-of-knowledge for practitioners, researchers, academics, or administrators who work in the field of interpretation.

The purposes of the Journal of Interpretation Research are to communicate original empirical research dealing with interpretation and to provide a forum for scholarly discourse about issues facing the profession of interpretation. The Journal should strive to link research with practice. The Journal of Interpretation Research is published by the National Association for Interpretation, the preeminent professional association representing the heritage interpretation profession.

Robert B. Powell Clemson University, USA
Marc J. Stern Virginia Tech, USA
Advisory Board
Theresa Coble University of Missouri - St. Louis, USA
Jim Covel Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, CA
Sam Ham University of Idaho, USA
Carolyn Ward Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation, Asheville, NC, USA
Betty Weiler Southern Cross University, Australia
Associate Editors
Robert Bixler Clemson University, USA
Rosemary Black Charles Sturt University, Australia
Julie Ernst University of Minnesota Duluth, USA
Myron F. Floyd North Carolina State University, USA
Jon Kohl PUP Global Heritage Consortium, Costa Rica
Brenda Lackey University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, USA
Luisa Massarani Public Communication of Science and Technology, Brazil
Mark Morgan University of Missouri, Columbia, USA
Jeff Skibins East Carolina University, USA
Dave Smaldone West Virginia University, USA
Martin Storksdieck Oregon State University, USA
Derrick Taff The Pennsylvania State University, USA
Gail Vander Stoep Michigan State University, USA
John A. Veverka Veverka & Associates; The Heritage Interpretation Training Center, USA
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