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Job Insecurity

Job Insecurity
Coping with Jobs at Risk

December 1990 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book, which is concerned with the impact of job insecurity on individuals, organizations and industrial relations, is a major contribution to an increasingly important topic in an era of continued organizational restructuring and change.

The authors explore the personal experiences of job insecurity for individual employees and the variety of ways in which people cope with their feelings of uncertainty and ambiguity. They examine collective behaviour through the impact of job insecurity on union activities and union-management relations. They also explore the relationship between organizational effectiveness and job insecurity, and outline a number of strategies that organizations can adopt to address its potentially destructive impact. Finally, they argue that the issue requires positive action taken by government, employers and unions.

Dan Jacobson and Jean Hartley
Mapping the Context
Dan Jacobson
The Conceptual Approach to Job Insecurity
Bert Klandermans, Tinka van Vuuren and Dan Jacobson
Employees and Job Insecurity
Tinka van Vuuren, Bert Klandermans, Dan Jacobson and Jean Hartley
Predicting Employees' Perceptions of Job Insecurity
Tinka van Vuuren, Bert Klandermans, Dan Jacobson and Jean Hartley
Employees' Reactions to Job Insecurity
Jean Hartley
Industrial Relations and Job Insecurity
A Social Psychological Framework

Jean Hartley
Industrial Relations and Job Insecurity
Learning from a Case Study

Leonard Greenhalgh and Robert Sutton
Organizational Effectiveness and Job Insecurity
Leonard Greenhalgh
Organizational Coping Strategies
Jean Hartley, Dan Jacobson, Bert Klandermans and Tinka van Vuuren

`The main focus is upon employees rather than organizations and the intended readership includes academic researchers, human resource specialists, managers, trade union officials and consultants... it will earn a valued place in the literature for being the first book in the contemporary period to pull the threads of job insecurity together, to emphasize its importance as an occupational psychological topic and to stimulate valuable further research in this important area' - The Occupational Psychologist

`The implications brought out by this work are wide ranging and thought provoking. This book is a notable presentation of job insecurity as a social-psychological phenomenon where the individual's perceptions and attributions of causes, and his personal reactions are explored in detail. Perhaps one of the most significant contributions of this book is the collaborative study of researchers from different countries. As a result, the far-reaching and global interpretations proposed for the data are applicable in a multinational perspective. The differences have not been reconciled and integrated into a unified common mould, but broad-based models have been propsed to suit these perspectives. All in all this is a significant book which can stimulate a lot of introspection and study.' - Management and Labour Studies

`This volume is valuable in two ways. First, it argues vigorously and cogently for the need to know more about the social psychological aspects of work behaviour.... The volume persuasively argues the heuristic value of a concern for the social psychological links in much current analysis of employees' behaviour. Having demonstrated the legitimacy and importance of the questions raised by the book, the volume's second contribution is towards answering them.... This is a useful book, useful not only for its painstaking appproach to its subject matter, but for its insistence that much current theorizing about developments at work owes more to assertion, speculation, even fashion, than to soundly based knowledge. In a landscape littered with the abandoned shrines of yesterday's false gods it is now urgent that, as a discipline, we seek to replace the evangelist by the researcher. This is the contribution of this volume.' - Organization Studies

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