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Job Creation and Poverty Reduction in India

Job Creation and Poverty Reduction in India
Towards Rapid and Sustained Growth

First Edition
  • Sadiq Ahmed - Policy Research Institute of Bangladesh, Dhaka

December 2007 | 356 pages | SAGE India
Rapid growth since 1980 has transformed India from the world's 50th ranked economy in nominal US dollars to the 12th largest in 2003. When income is measured with regard to purchasing power parity, the Indian economy occupies 4th place, after the United States, Japan, and China. Along with growing incomes, India's increasingly outward orientation and the growing optimism about its economy has led to a sweeping rise in international investors' interest. At the same time evidence suggests that income inequality is rising and the gap in average per capita income between the rich and poor states is growing. Election results at the national and state level suggest that unless the issue of growing income inequality and inequality in standard of living is tackled upfront, there is a risk that the economic reform momentum might slow down. If this happens, growth will suffer.

This book provides an in-depth treatment of growth and employment issues in India. It reviews India's long-term growth experience, emerging constraints and challenges, and the way forward for sustaining rapid growth along with more and better employment. Specifically, the book identifies ways in which investment can be improved to raise productivity and reduce the cost of doing business, thereby promoting domestic and foreign private investment. It looks at the growth and productivity challenges of agriculture and suggests policies that will help raise farm productivity and incomes. It explains the reason for the low overall employment elasticity of past growth and why there has been limited expansion of good jobs, and concludes by suggesting critical reform options for increasing employment.


Sadiq Ahmed
I.SETTING THE SCENE: India's Long-Term Growth Experience: Lessons and Prospects
Brian Pinto, Farah Zahir and Gaobo Pang
India's State Finances

Marina Wes
Deepak K Miishra
III.SECTORAL POLICIES FOR GROWTH : From Inhibiting to Enabling: India's Changing Approach to The Role of Private Sector
India's Financial Sector: Recent Reforms and the Challenges Ahead

Priya Basu
Meeting India's Infrastructure Demands-the Role of Reforms and Investment

Clive Harris
Revitalizing the Agricultural Sector in India: Opportunities and Challenges

Dina Umali-Deininger
Ahmed Ahsan and Ashish Narain
IV.LABOR MARKET POLICES FOR JOB CREATION: Labor Markets in India: Developments and Challenges


This volume of collected articles edited by Sadiq Ahmed, addresses the issue of sustainability of post-liberalisation growth by providing an excellent in-depth analysis of growth and employment issues in excellent textual analysis of sustainability of growth in terms of constraints and challenges facing the economy.

Indian Economic Review

The book is a good reading not only to understand the Indian growth story but also to get a deep insight into the various factors and policies that have shaped this growth. The book is not just a collection of facts and figures but has an eye of a critic. It helps the reader get a better and deeper understanding by analysing and commenting on the various policies, initiatives and developments…It shows the reader the way forward for India. The book is a perfect reading for understanding the past, the present and the future phases of the Indian growth story.

Management and Labour Studies

The book is a valuable addition to the literature on this important topic and is a gem worth owning and reading by all students of economics, social scientists, policy makers and academic scholars.

Free Press Journal

Job Creation and Poverty Reduction in India is insightful, analytical and above all timely. Full of data and analysis and well thought out arguments that are put forth articulately and comprehensively make this collection an interesting read not just for economists and social scientists but also for the average person wanting to understand some of these issues.


Reviews India’s long-term growth experience, emerging constraints and challenges and the way forward for sustaining rapid growth along with more and better employment.

Financial Express

The book is a compilation of articles related to development and joblessness and the measures that could be taken to improve the situation.


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