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Issues in K-12 Education

Issues in K-12 Education
Selections From CQ Researcher

March 2010 | 464 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Issues in K-12 Education is a contemporary collection of articles covering core issues within the broad topic of K-12 Education. The book is intended to supplement core courses in the Education curriculum titled Foundations of Education, Introduction to Teaching, Introduction to Education, and Issues in Education, among other similarly titled courses.

The book progresses through a 3-part structure of topics generally covered in Foundations or Introduction to Education courses and texts: Issues in Justice, Equity, and Equality; Issues in Teaching and Learning; and Issues in School Environment. In total, we will have 19 articles.

Annotated Contents
1. Racial Diversity in Public Schools: Has the Supreme Court Dealt a Blow to Integration?
2. No Child Left Behind: Is the Law Improving Student Performance?
3. Special Education: Do Students With Disabilities Get the Help They Need?
4. Fixing Urban Schools: Has No Child Left Behind Helped Minority Students?
5. Charter Schools: Will They Improve or Hurt Public Education?
6. Home Schooling Debate: Is the Movement Undermining Public Education?
7. Single-Sex Education: Do All-Boy and All-Girl Schools Enhance Learning?
8. Religion in Schools: Should the Courts Allow More Spiritual Expression?
9. Students Under Stress: Do Schools Assign Too Much Homework?
10. Gender and Learning: Are There Innate Differences Between the Sexes?
11. AP and IB Programs: Can They Raise U.S. High-School Achievement?
12. Teaching Math and Science: Are Students Being Prepared for the Technological Age?
13. Reading Crisis? Do Today's Youth Read Less Than Past Generations?
14. Video Games: Do They Have Educational Value?
15. Teacher Shortages: Should States Ease Certification Standards?
16. Discipline in Schools: Are Zero-Tolerance Policies Fair?
17. Zero Tolerance for School Violence: Is Mandatory Punishment in Schools Unfair?
18. Bullying: Are Schools Doing Enough to Stop the Problem?
19. Cheating in Schools: Are High-Stakes Tests to Blame?

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5. Charter Schools

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