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IntroStats Online

IntroStats Online

May 2013 | 1 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
IntroStats Online by Greg Francis is an introductory-level statistics textbook in an online format, featuring text, extensive practice questions, interactive demonstrations, simulations, and calculators. It is designed to fully immerse students in statistical concepts in an engaging, online environment. IntroStats Online includes access to STATLAB Online™, an interactive laboratory where students conduct classic behavioural experiments from data collection to statistical analysis. Students participate in the experiments and are guided through an analysis of their own data. Each lab is designed to highlight a specific kind of statistical analysis.
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Graphing Distributions
Chapter 3: Summarizing Distributions
Chapter 4: Describing Bivariate Data
Chapter 5: Probability
Chapter 6: Normal Distributions
Chapter 7: Sampling Distributions
Chapter 8: Estimation
Chatper 9: Logic of Hypothesis Testing
Chapter 10: Testing Means
Chapter 11: Power
Chapter 12: Prediction
Chapter 13: ANOVA
Chapter 14: Chi Square
Chapter 15: Case Studies

“ I found the content to be well integrated and the links provided clarity to what is inherently a difficult and complex topic for students to understand. I thought the material was written in a clear and relatively engaging fashion for a statistics book.”

Kevin M. Beaver
Department of Criminology and CJ, Florida State University

“I absolutely love the self-test items. They require comprehension and application of the material covered in that section. They’re brief enough to not get tedious, but long enough to hit some of the more important points of that section.”

Heidi Legg Burross
Department of Educational Psychology, University of Arizona

“I really liked these end-of-the-chapter exercises because it will really force the students to 1) pay attention as they read through the chapters and 2) to identify areas where they may not fully understand so that they can go back and spend more time on these topical areas.”

Kevin M. Beaver
Department of Criminology and CJ, Florida State University

“I like the flow of the book and the chapters are put together in a way that builds on knowledge and flows in a logical manner.”

Laura Ringer
Department of Psychology, Newberry College

“I was impressed with how much information was covered in most of the areas and how specific (yet not necessarily technically cumbersome) the writing was.”

Kevin M. Beaver
Department of Criminology and CJ, Florida State University

“I believe my students would be more likely to click on these activities online than they are to work a problem in a traditional textbook, I also like the immediate feedback with explanation. The information is presented in a straightforward, easy to understand manner. The interactive online course, I believe, will be utilized more than a traditional textbook by our tech savvy students.”

Laura Ringer
Department of Psychology, Newberry College

Staying with current text

Rick Froman
Psychology Dept, John Brown University
May 21, 2014

Students found book to be useful. I found the content and cost to be adequate.

Professor David Turi
Business Admin Dept, Felician College
July 25, 2013

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