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Introducing Comparative Politics

Introducing Comparative Politics
Concepts and Cases in Context

Sixth Edition

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Comparative Politics

October 2023 | 700 pages | CQ Press
Organized thematically around important questions in comparative politics, the Sixth Edition of Introducing Comparative Politics integrates a set of extended case studies that vividly illustrate issues in cross-national context for 11 countries. The cases are placed within the chapters where they make the most sense —not separated from the theory or in a separate volume—helping students make connections between theory and practice earlier in the semester and giving them a more holistic view of comparative politics.
Part I: A Framework For Understanding Comparative Politics
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The Modern State
Chapter 3: States, Citizens, And Regimes
Chapter 4: States And Identity
Part II: Political Systems And How They Work
Chapter 5: Governing Institutions In Democracies
Chapter 6: Institutions Of Participation And Representation In Democracies
Chapter 7: Contentious Politics: Social Movements, Political Violence, And Revolution
Chapter 8: Authoritarian Institutions
Chapter 9: Regime Change
Part III: Political Economy And Policy
Chapter 10: Political Economy Of Wealth
Chapter 11: Political Economy Of Development
Chapter 12: Public Policies When Markets Fail: Welfare, Health, And The Environment


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"A solid textbook on the major topics in comparative politics that integrates case studies, most of which are recurring, in each chapter."

Lillian Frost
Virginia Tech University

"A theoretically-motivated but approachable introduction to comparative politics."

Agatha Skierkowski Hultquist
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

"The graphics in the book are extremely reader-friendly. The language is clear and easy for students to follow. Instructor resources are quite helpful (and a key part of my decision-making). Overall, this is the best comparative politics text for undergrads that I have found. It covers all the important topics in the field and presents them in a way that is accessible to students."

Laura N. Bell
West Texas A&M University

"An excellent resource for the political scientist who is teaching comparative politics for the first time."

Immanuel Ness
City University of New York, Brooklyn College

"Orvis and Drogus have authored a comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to comparative politics which will engage today's undergraduates."

Jeffrey Key
Sweet Briar College

"In depth case studies and analysis of particular topics in comparative politics"

Eli C. Kaul
Kent State University

"This is a great introductory comparative politics text for both majors and non-majors. The material is accessible for non-discipline students, and easily lends itself to connections with other academic disciplines. The structure of the content is flexible enough to allow for the integration of current events."

Erika Cornelius Smith
Nichols College

What a fantastic book! It has great case studies that are very contemporary and lots of relevant discussions on things my students are really interested in, like political protest and identity politics. All the resources, like slides and lecture notes, are great, and I'm able to use those quite effectively in my classes. This book has nailed what comparative politics is all about.

David Matijasevich
Capilano University
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