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International Security

International Security

Four Volume Set
Edited by:
  • Barry Buzan - London School of Economics and Political Science, UK
  • Lene Hansen - University of Copenhagen, Denmark

August 2007 | 1 760 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
International Security is one of the main sub-fields of International Relations. This four-volume collection will bring together seminal journal articles and some book chapters to map the main themes and turning points in the development of International Security Studies.

Volume 1: Military-Political Security during the Cold War covers the traditional military-political security agenda from 1945 to the ending of the cold war.

Volume 2: Military-Political Security since the Cold War reflects the perceived crisis of relevance in the whole strategic studies agenda and examines the responses to a radically different international political context.

Volume 3: Widening the Agenda of International Security traces the broadening of traditional security concerns and shows how economic, environmental and societal security came onto the agenda of international security.

Volume 4: Challenging State Security is about approaches that challenge state security including critical security studies, human security, feminism, and postmoderist/poststructualist approaches.

Together the four volumes map the progress from the traditional security agenda to more contemporary challenges like terrorism. They serve to demonstrate the wide scope of the international security agenda today, as well as the wide range of methodologies and epistemologies used to approach the subject.

Including an extensive overall introduction and part introductions by the Editors, this multi-volume set will be an essential purchase for all Political Science Libraries and Schools of International Relations.

Volume One: The Cold War and Nuclear Deterrence
George Kennan
The Sources of Soviet Conduct
Arnold Wolfers
National Security as an Ambiguous Symbol
Hans J Morgenthau
Another 'Great Debate'
The National Interest of the United States

Arnold Wohlstetter
The Delicate Balance of Terror
Kennthe N Waltz
The Stability of a Bipolar World
Andre Beaufre
The Sharing of Nuclear Responsibilities
A Problem in Need of a Solution

Hedley Bull
Strategic Studies and Its Critics
Hedley Bull
Arms Control and World Order
Robert Jervis
Co-Operation under the Security Dilemma
Jack L Snyder
Rationality at the Brink
The Role of Cognitive Processes in Failures of Deterrence

Fritz W Ermarth
Contrasts in American and Soviet Strategic Thought
Robert Jervis
Why Nuclear Superiority Doesn't Matter
Colin S Gray
Strategic Stability Reconsidered
John J Weltman
Managing Nuclear Multipolarity
Common Security
A Programme for Disarmament, the Report of the Independent Commission on Disarmament and Security Issues under the Chairmanship of Olof Palme

Richard Ullman
Redefining Security
Mohammed Ayoob
Security in the Third World
The Worm about to Turn?

Carl Sagan
Nuclear War and Climatic Catastrophe
Some Policy Implications

Jack S Levy
The Offensive/Defensive Balance of Military Technology
A Theoretical and Historical Analysis

Charles Glaser
Why Even Good Defences May Be Bad
Johan Galtung
From Offensive to Defensive Defence

Volume Two: The Transition to the Post-Cold War Security Agenda
Barry Buzan
Economic Structure and International Security
The Limits of the Liberal Case

Carol Cohn
Sex and Death in the Rational World of Defense Intellectuals
Simon Dalby
Geopolitical Discourse
The Soviet Union as Other

Joseph S Nye and Sean Lynn-Jones
International Security Studies
A Report of a Conference on the State of the Field

Cynthia Enloe
'Base Women', Bananas, Beaches and Bases
Making a Feminist Sense of International Politics

Daniel Deudney
The Case against Linking Environmental Degradation and Security
R J B Walker
Security, Sovereignty and the Challenge of World Politics
Bradley Klein
How the West Was One
Representational Politics of NATO

Joseph S Nye
Soft Power
Ken Booth
Security and Emancipation
Stephen Walt
The Renaissance of Security Studies
Rebecca Grant
The Quagmire of Gender and International Security
Edward Kolodziej
Renaissance in Security Studies? Caveat Lector
J M Goldgeier and Michael McFaul
A Tale of Two Worlds
Core and Periphery in the Post-Cold War Era

Peter J Katzenstein and Nobuo Okawara
Japan's National Security
Structures, Norms and Policies

Barry Posen
The Security Dilemma and Ethnic Conflict
Samuel Huntington
The Clash of Civilizations?
Kenneth N Waltz
The Emerging Structure of International Politics
David Dewitt
Common, Comprehensive and Co-Operative Security
UNPD Human Development Report 1994, Chapter Two
New Dimensions of Human Security

Richard Wyn Jones
'Message in a Bottle'? Theory and Praxis in Critical Security Studies
Volume Three: Widening Security
Emma Rothschild
What Is Security?
Richard Price
A Genealogy of the Chemical Weapons Taboo
Ole Waever
Securitization and Desecuritization
Bill McSweeney
Identity and Security
Buzan and the Copenhagen School?

Keith Krause and Michael Williams
Broadening the Agenda of Security Studies
Politics and Methods

David A Baldwin
Security Studies and the End of the Cold War
Thomas Risse-Kappen
Collective Identity in a Democratic Community
The Case of NATO

Keith Krause
Insecurity and State Formation in the Global Military Order
The Middle Eastern Case

Jutta Weldes
Constructing National Interests
Karin Fierke
Multiple Identities, Interfacing Games
The Social Construction of Western Action in Bosnia

Barry R Posen and Andrew L Ross
Competing Visions for U S Grand Strategy
Emanuel Adler
Imagined (Security) Communities
Cognitive Regions in International Relations

Volume Four: Debating Security and Strategy and the Impact of 9/11
Richard K Betts
Should Strategic Studies Survive?
Michael C Williams
Identity and the Politics of Security
Jef Huysmans
Revisiting Copenhagen
Or, on the Creative Development of a Security Studies Agenda in Europe

Charles A Kupchan
After Pax Americana
Benign Power, Regional Integration and the Sources of Stable Multipolarity

Joseph Masco
States of Insecurity
Plutonium and Post-Cold War Anxiety in New Mexico, 1992-96

Astri Suhrke
Human Security and the Interests of the State
Samuel P Huntington
The Lonely Superpower
Lene Hansen
The Little Mermaid's Silent Security Dilemma and the Absence of Gender in the Copenhagen School
William Walker
Nuclear Order and Disorder
Caroline Thomas
Global Governance, Development and Human Security
Exploring the Links

Roland Paris
Human Security
Paradigm Shift or Hot Air?

Didier Bigo
Security and Immigration
Toward a Critique of the Governmentality of Unease

Robert Kagan
Power and Weakness
J Ann Tickner
Feminist Responses to International Security Studies
Tarak Barkawi
On the Pedagogy of 'Small Wars'
Robert L Paarlberg
Knowledge as Power
Science, Military Dominance and U S Security

Gilles Andreani
The 'War on Terror'
Good Cause, Wrong Concept

James Der Derian
Imaging Terror
Logos, Pathos and Ethos

Stefan Elbe
Should HIV/AIDS Be Scrutinized? The Ethical Dilemmas of Linking HIV/AIDS and Security
Mark Neocleous
From Social to National Security

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ISBN: 9781412921398