International Political Science Abstracts

International Political Science Abstracts

Published in Association with International Political Science Association

Paul J Godt American University of Paris, France
Editor Emeritus
Serge Hurtig Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques, Paris, France
Associate Editor
Stephen Sawyer American University of Paris, France

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eISSN: 17519292 | ISSN: 00208345 | Current volume: 67 | Current issue: 1 Frequency: Bi-monthly

International Political Science Abstracts is published bimonthly by the International Political Science Association under the auspices of the International Social Science Council and with the support of Unesco, the Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques and The American University of Paris.

Since 1951, the International Political Science Abstracts has provided non-evaluative abstracts of articles in the field of political science published in journals (and yearbooks) all over the world. The scope of the discipline is that of the major political science journals. The divisions under which articles are listed according to the alphabetical order of first authors are those of the detailed classification scheme of the "Political Science" section of the International Bibliography of the Social Sciences, prepared by the British Library of Political and Economic Sciences (London School of Economics and Political Science).

Whenever possible, the editors use abstracts provided by the journals (they are followed by [R]) or written by the authors in response to their requests (they are followed by [A]). Articles in English are abstracted in English; those published in other languages are often abstracted in French (with all titles translated into English).

Selection Guidelines:

  • Scholarly studies are chosen preferably to informative articles; only exceptionally are unsigned contributions, official texts and popular articles indicated
  • The major journals in the field are covered in full (for articles and substantial research notes); less important journals, journals in related disciplines and general interest periodicals are covered selectively
  • Translations and re-publications of articles already abstracted are mentioned only exceptionally
  • The editors seek to avoid abstracting redundant articles
  • Studies produced in countries where political science is not well developed, or about countries on which information is scarce, are treated less selectively.
  • Each issue contains a subject index (in English), cumulative for all previous issues of the same annual volume. The final issue of each annual volume contains also an author index.

Structure of the International Political Science Abstracts

In each issue, articles are classified in the following chapters:

  • Political science: method and theory
  • Political thinkers and ideas
  • Governmental and administrative institutions: Central institutions and State, regional and local institutions
  • Political process: public opinion, attitudes, parties, forces, groups and elections
  • International relations: International law, organization and administration and Foreign policy and international relations
  • National and area studies

If you would like your journal to be considered for coverage by International Political Science Abstracts please contact the editor at

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