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International Human Resource Management

International Human Resource Management

First Edition
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July 2018 | 392 pages | SAGE Texts

International Human Resource Management aims to help students gain insights into the practicalities of global human resource management. By helping find answers to questions such as those posed above, the book works as a comprehensive guide for students to build a strong base for International Human Resource Management (IHRM) practices. This textbook goes much beyond expatriate HRM and parent/host country HR practices to address IHRM issues in a holistic manner. It offers a concise overview of labour codes, laws and employment regulations currently in operation in 18 countries across 4 continents.

Key Features

• Covers the entire cycle of IHRM: Procurement (International Staffing), Development (International Training), Compensation (International Compensation), Maintenance (Labour Codes, Laws and Regulations) and Integration (International Performance and International Culture Management)

• Explores what, why and how human resource practices are managed in corporate organizations in a global setting

• Seamlessly integrates IHRM practices with industrial relations and labour matters

• Includes more than 20 case studies from across the world covering multiple industries

International International Human Resource Management: An Introduction
International Staffing Management
International Training Management
International Compensation Management
Industrial Relations: Labour Codes, Laws and Regulation Management—North America
Industrial Relations: Labour Codes, Laws and Regulation Management—Europe
Industrial Relations: Labour Codes, Laws and Regulation Management—Asia and Australia
International Performance Management
International Culture Management
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