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International Development

International Development
A Global Perspective on Theory and Practice

First Edition
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May 2017 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

How can we lay the foundation for a more just and peaceful world? How can we prevent communications from fracturing and societies from tearing themselves apart? How should we prioritise economic, social and cultural demands for resources and opportunities?


This book answers these questions, and presents a view of development ‘in practice’. Written by experts in the field, the book covers a range of contemporary developments, as well as providing coverage of the theory and practice of international development.


The book:

· Covers a range of contemporary topics such as global security, new technologies, ethics and learning and participation

·  Has chapters on Global Health and Development in Practice, Environmentally Sustainable Development in Practice and Corruption and Development

·  Features learning objectives, summaries, reading lists and questions for discussion

·  Works as a practice-driven text packed with case studies


Global in perspective and full of everything you need to know, this is your go-to book for your studies in International Development.

Paul Battersby and Ravi K. Roy
Globalization and Global Development Practice
Arthur T. Denzau and Ravi K. Roy
Shared Mental Models and International Development:
Models of Governance
Richard P. Appelbaum
Mental Models of Economic Development
Paul Battersby, Thunradee Taveekan and Gregoire Nimbtik
Governance, Power and Participation
Cirila P. Limpangog, Lesley J. Pruitt and Julian C.H. Lee
Globalization, Gender and Development
Damian Grenfell
Rethinking Practices of Security in an Age of Globalization
Models of Justice
Paul Battersby and Rebekah Farrell
Global Justice, International Law and Development
Vandra Harris
Moral Dilemmas: Ethics and Development Practice
Desmond Cahill
Religion and International Development
Robert Klitgaard
Corruption and Development
New Models of Practice
Anil Hira
Environmentally Sustainable Development in Practice
Jose Roberto Guevara, Kent Goldsworthy and Alexander Snow
Situating the Practitioner as Co-Learner and Co-Participant in Global Development
Louise Coventry
Navigating Dualities: A Case Study of Organizational Governance in Cambodian Civil Society
Marianne D. Sison
Communicating Development: Towards Strategic, Inclusive and Creative Approaches
Supriya Singh
Financial Inclusion as Practice: Microfinance and Mobile Money
Scott Leckie
When Adaptation Fails: Planned Relocation as a Rights-Based Response to Climate Displacement
Debbi Long, Paul Komesaroff and Elizabeth Kath
Global Health and Development Practice
Jonathan Makuwira
Development Theory and Beyond

This important book offers a fresh new perspective on globalization and development and is a must-read for academics, policy-makers and practitioners alike. In drawing together some of the most recent research on global change and the contested nature of international development, this book offers a unique ‘practitioners’ perspective on some of the greatest challenges of our time.  In doing so, the collection of chapters makes a fluent and stimulating contribution to debates concerning the relationship between structure and agency, in the context of how different actors negotiate more sustainable pathways to development. This book is sure to be of considerable interest to a wide readership in development studies, economics, politics, law and related disciplines.


Roy Maconachie
University of Bath

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