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Intercultural Communication

Intercultural Communication
A Contextual Approach

Seventh Edition (International Student Edition)

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Intercultural Communication

July 2017 | 528 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

‘…offers knowledge, voices, discussions, and activities that will greatly help students engage and embody the learning experiences of intercultural communication in and out of the classroom.’
– Bin Zhang, PhD., South Puget Sound Community College

In the fully updated Seventh Edition of Intercultural Communication: A Contextual Approach, bestselling author James W Neuliep provides a clear contextual model (visually depicted by a series of concentric circles) for examining communication within cultural, microcultural, environmental, sociorelational and perceptual contexts.

He introduces the broadest context – the cultural component of the model – and progresses chapter by chapter through the model to the most specific dimensions of communication. Each chapter focuses on one context and explores the combination of factors within that context, including setting, situation and circumstances. Highlighting values, ethnicity, physical geography and attitudes, the book examines means of interaction, including body language, eye contact and exchange of words, as well as the stages of relationships, cross-cultural management, intercultural conflict and culture shock.

A Note on Culture and Language
Chapter 1: The Necessity of Intercultural Communication
Chapter 2: The Cultural Context
Chapter 3: The Microcultural Context
Chapter 4: The Environmental Context
Chapter 5: The Perceptual Context
Chapter 6: The Sociorelational Context
Chapter 7: The Verbal Code
Chapter 8: The Nonverbal Code
Chapter 9: Developing Intercultural Relationships
Chapter 10: Intercultural Conflict
Chapter 11: Intercultural Communication in Business, Health Care, and Educational Settings
Chapter 12: Acculturation, Culture Shock, and Intercultural Competence

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ISBN: 9781506390710