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Industrial Marketing

Industrial Marketing

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December 2022 | 400 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

An introductory textbook on industrial marketing and supply chain management that discusses industrial products and pricing, as well as key topics such as co-creation of value, big data, innovation, green practices and CSR.

The textbook includes:

  • The marketing philosophy on industrial markets
  • The characteristics of industrial markets
  • The marketing mix and the product life cycle
  • The issues surrounding distribution and operations including value creation, business relationships and networks
  • Case studies and mini case studies (vignettes)

This textbook is suitable for students studying industrial marketing and other related courses at undergraduate and graduate levels.

Thomas Fotiadis is an Associate Professor of Marketing and Head of the Marketing Laboratory in the Department of Production and Management Engineering, School of Engineering at Democritus University of Thrace, Greece.

Adam Lindgreen is Professor and Head of Department of Marketing at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark and Extraordinary Professor at University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business Science, South Africa.

George J. Siomkos is Professor of Marketing at the Athens University of Economics & Business (AUEB), Director of the MSc Program in Services Management and previously Dean of the School of Business, AUEB, Greece.

Christina Öberg is Professor at CTF Service Research Center, Karlstad University and associated with the Ratio Institute, Sweden. 

Dimitris Folinas is Professor in the Department of Supply Chain Management at International Hellenic University, Greece.




Chapter 1: Applying Marketing Philosophies to Industrial Markets
Chapter 2: Differentiation Characteristics of Industrial Markets
Chapter 3: Supply Chain Networks for Manufacturing Products
Chapter 4: Organizational Buying Process, Buying Relations, and Buying Behavior in Industrial Marketing
Chapter 5: The Marketing Mix: Distributing Industrial Products
Chapter 6: Supply Chain Transportation of Manufactured Products
Chapter 7: The Marketing Mix: Promotion and Marketing Communication Channels for Industrial Products
Chapter 8: The Marketing Mix: Industrial Pricing
Chapter 9: The Marketing Mix: The Industrial Product
Chapter 10: Warehousing in the Industrial Market
Chapter 11: Industrial Services
Chapter 12: Modern Trends and Developments in Industrial Marketing
Chapter 13: Industrial Marketing in a High-Tech Context

“This is probably the most comprehensive textbook on industrial marketing and supply chain management. It brings together a wide range of literatures and provides readers with a thorough overview of topics pertinent for manufacturing firms and other companies in industrial markets.”

Professor Christian Kowalkowski
Professor of Industrial Marketing, Department of Management and Engineering, Linköping University

“A welcome new and innovative book from four well-established and well-published scholars in the field. The complexities of the subject are nicely teased out throughout the book, with excellent use being made of numerous tables and graphs to add extra insight. What I particularly liked was the way in which the book sits at the interface of Industrial Marketing and Supply Chain Management, and also the way that it uses a range of case studies from around the globe to support the points being made. Definitely a book to add to the shelves of any scholars in the field!”

Peter Naudé
Professor of Marketing, Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, Manchester Metropolitan University

 “This new and up-to-date textbook provides a fresh view on industrial marketing. Bringing together established frameworks and latest research insights from two streams of literature, industrial marketing and supply chain management, it develops a unique perspective on the marketing, selling, and purchasing of industrial goods and services. With its chapter on data, information, and technology, and its insights on socially responsible marketing approaches, it offers a timely perspective on the art and science of industrial marketing. Highly recommended!”

Professor Andreas Eggert
Professor of Business and Service Marketing, Marketing Department, Freie Universität Berlin

“The business ecosystems in which companies operate are strongly shaped by industrial relationships. It is therefore fundamental to understand what industrial marketing—as the activity of creating and managing these industrial relationships—covers. This is the objective of this book, which succeeds perfectly in producing an integrated vision of industrial marketing and supply chain management in their essential role of value creation. Therefore, if some chapters seem usual in an industrial marketing book, others are less so (transportation of goods, warehousing, etc.) and all contribute greatly to producing this new vision of industrial marketing. For students, who sometimes find it difficult to figure out what are industrial relationships, this is the ideal book. It will show students the richness of these relationships and the nature of the multiple activities that industrial marketing is made of. For researchers interested in industrial marketing, they will find a very integrated vision of the various themes related to industrial relations, which will allow them to finely situate their research issues. Finally, practitioners will not fail to find in this book the precision of their daily activities in marketing and SCM and will fully benefit from the perspectives it offers.”

Catherine Pardo
Professor of Marketing, Marketing Department, Emlyon Business School

“This book is a welcome and timely addition to the business and academic community with heightened interest on industrial marketing issues and the increasing importance of supply chain management around the globe. It covers key issues in industrial marketing and addresses the main challenges in the area in a competent fashion and without making it difficult for the reader to follow. The examples, case studies, and vignettes that accompany the book are particularly useful in helping the reader develop a critical understanding of the challenges, realities, and developments in industrial marketing and supply chain management and learn how to appropriately apply related concepts. Highly recommended.” 

Professor Constantinos N. Leonidou
Professor of Marketing and Business Administration, Faculty of Economics and Management, Open University of Cyprus, and Adjunct Professor, Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds

“I am delighted to recommend this new text which will be suitable for either graduate or undergraduate classes in business-to-business marketing. Professors Fotiadis, Lindgreen, Siomkos, Öberg, and Folinas bring a wealth of experience and scholarship in B2B teaching and research to this book. The business-to-business marketing landscape is rapidly changing with the emergence of new technologies, which have affected all aspects of marketing, from customer research to product innovation, marketing communications, and supply chain and logistics. This text provides a fresh and updated perspective on the issues and challenges currently facing the B2B marketing professional.”   

Professor C. Anthony Di Benedetto
Professor of Marketing, Fox School of Business, Temple University

“Industrial Marketing provides an important contemporary perspective. It is research and practice informed textbook, which has the potential to become seminal. While the primary audience is undergraduate students in the field of B2B marketing, it also is highly relevant to students in related areas including innovation, entrepreneurship, product management, and supply chain management or logistics. The viewpoints will also be of interest to students in the broader fields of business administration, management, and economics in general. Scholars, researchers, and practitioners working in the marketing or logistics will also find this text useful.”

Roderick J. Brodie
Professor Emeritus, University of Auckland Business School, University of Auckland

“This enlightening textbook brings together industrial marketing and supply chain management, and this is achieved in a succinct, holistic, and integrated manner. I am impressed by the breadth of topics covered, which reflects successfully the contemporary, dynamic, and volatile business environment. A very much welcomed book, which will support students, scholars, and practitioners in their attempt to understand better the links and interrelationships between industrial marketing and supply chain management.”

Professor Michael Bourlakis
Director of Research and Director of the Centre for Logistics, Procurement & Supply Chain Management, Cranfield University

“It is timely exciting to see the new textbook on Industrial Marketing by Fotiadis, Lindgreen, Siomkos, Öberg, and Folinas. In a constantly evolving global landscape industrial markets are key contributors to the global economy. Industrial marketing is cornerstone of any marketers’ arsenal. This text covers critically relevant material in a deep and engaging way. This text will equip aspiring industrial marketers with a deep appreciation of the exciting field of Industrial Marketing and prepare them to make their way in this highly competitive and dynamic field.”

Professor Aron O’Cass
Dean of La Trobe Business School, La Trobe University

“This is a comprehensive, contemporary, and well-structured textbook, providing an excellent coverage of the various facets of the industrial marketing process. It offers a balanced combination between theoretical and practical aspects of industrial marketing, while also putting together classic knowledge on the subject with recent developments in the field. Enriched with multiple case studies, practical examples, and useful illustrations, it provides a systematic pedagogic approach that helps to have an all-round and in-depth understanding of the various concepts, techniques, and tools related to modern industrial marketing.”

Dr. Leonidas C. Leonidou
Professor of Marketing, Department of Business and Public Administration, University of Cyprus

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