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India and Emerging Asia

India and Emerging Asia

First Edition
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October 2005 | 332 pages | SAGE India
In recent years, Asia`s economic and strategic environment has been transformed in a fundamental sense. The emerging `Asian Economic Community`—encompassing ASEAN, China, Japan, India and South Korea—is being widely viewed as the centre of gravity of the global economy. Because of its strategic position, India is destined to play a significant role in shaping the emerging profile of Asia.

Against this background, this volume explores Asia`s dramatic re-emergence on the global scene as well as India`s role in ensuring peace, security, stability and development in the continent. In recent years, India has redefined its position within Asia and has emerged as a significant player. The contributors offer new perspectives on Asia concerning the nature of its politics and governance, the reasons for its insecurity, the need for greater regional cooperation, and its intrinsic strengths and weaknesses. They implicitly or explicitly share the view that the `twenty-first century belongs to Asia`.
I K Gujral
R R Sharma
R R Sharma
Asia's Quest for Identity and Security
S D Muni and C Raja Mohan
India's Options in a Changing Asia
Varun Sahni
A Continent Becomes a Region: Future Asian Security Architectures
Manoj Joshi
India and the Future of Asia: Arranging a Soft-Landing for Pakistan
Mahendra P Lama
Economic Reforms and Integration in South Asia: Role of India in SAARC
Chintamani Mahapatra
The United States and the Asian Powers
Girijesh Pant
Reform and Resurgence: The Trajectory of Change in West Asia
Ajay Patnaik
Central Asia's Security: The Asian Dimension
K V Kesavan
Japan's Expanding Security Perspectives in the Asia-Pacific
Anuradha M Chenoy
Is Human and Gender Security Relevant for Asia?
Gulshan Sachdeva
Economic Developments and Regional Economic Trends in Central Asia: Emerging Asian Linkages
Rajesh Rajagopalan
Structural Imperatives and Asian Security

"This is a well-researched volume that contributes to an understanding of Asia's current situation and future prospects, and is a valuable guide for those having an interest in the continent."

A. Mazumdar
Miami University

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