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Inclusive Education Across Cultures

Inclusive Education Across Cultures
Crossing Boundaries, Sharing Ideas

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Mithu Alur - Founder and Chairperson, ADAPT ( formerly The Spastics Society of India)
  • Vianne Timmons - University of Regina, Canada

May 2009 | 496 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
This comprehensive collection provides a global perspective on inclusive education. The existing literature delves into whether inclusive practice is about educating children with disabilities or children from diverse backgrounds. The articles in this compilation assert that it is both.

Inclusive Education Across Cultures: Crossing Boundaries, Sharing Ideas brings together multiple perspectives to present a compelling case for inclusive practice in different areas of inclusive education, ranging from policy initiatives to practices on the ground level, and advocating and creating awareness. The articles present examples that are explicitly disability-focussed and at the same time present a vision of inclusion that is about societal reform. These articles provide a voice to the people living with disabilities and enable us to learn from their stories. They not only provide theoretical information, but also connect theory and practice by discussing implemented models and practical resources.

This work will be a valuable resource material for all those involved in the study of education, social work and psychology.

Seamus Hegarty
Mithu Alur and Vianne Timmons
Len Barton
The Politics of Recognition and the Position of the Disability Movement
Renu Singh
Meeting the Challenge of Inclusion-From Isolation to Collaboration
Michael Bach
Scaling up Inclusive Education: Reflections on Theory and the Practice of the National Resource Centre for Inclusion-India
Cameron Crawford
Inclusive Education: Considerations for Policy and Systems Development
Sudesh Mukhopadhyay
Rethinking Inclusive Education: Action Points for Communities
Mithu Alur
Empowerment and Political Social Action: The Policy Press
Roger Slee
Travelling with our Eyes Open: Models, Mantras and Analysis in New Times
Mithu Alur
Key Elements for Successful Inclusive Practice: Policy Change on a Macro Sustainable Level
Tony Booth
Keeping the Future Alive: Maintaining Inclusive Values in Education and Society
Mithu Alur and Marcia Rioux
Early Intervention and Inclusive Education
Urvashi Shah and Anuradha Sovani
Early Intervention and Action Research
Felicity Armstrong, Michele Moore, Orlane Russell and Edina Schimanski
Action Research for Creating Inclusive Education
Nidhi Singal
Inclusion in the Real World: Practitioners Making Sense of Inclusive Education in Indian Classrooms
Sheila Wirz and Sharmila Donde
Inclusion and Education
Vianne Timmons
Inclusion in Post-secondary Education
Beverly Gerg and Vianne Timmons
Inclusionary Practices in Canada
Denise Roza
Mônica Pereira dos Santos and Kátia Regina Xavier da Silva
Brazil: Binding Theoretical to the Practical
Shirin Z Munir and Sultana S Zaman
Models of Inclusion: Bangladesh Experience
Andreas Hinz
Models of Inclusion: Germany
Nikki Naylor
Inclusion Education: The South African Experience
Maya Kalyanpur
Cultural Variations on the Construct of Self-Advocacy in the Indian Context
Zuhy Sayeed
Families-The Cornerstone of Society: Building a Global Family Movement
Varsha Hooja
Parents of Students Included in Mainstream Schools
Richard Rieser
Inclusion, Empowerment and the Vital Role of Disabled People and their Thinking
Raymond Lang and Alana Officer
Behind the Scenes Disability Advocacy
Malini Chib
Society Creates a Norm and the Norm Excludes Disabled People
Vianne Timmons and Mithu Alur
Inclusive Education for Children with Disability: Culturally Appropriate Policy and Practice (CAPP I, II, III)
Usha Ramakrishnan and S Anandalakshmy
Presenting an Inclusive Tool: Understanding Diversity
Mithu Alur and Vianne Timmons

This comprehensive collection provides a global perspective on inclusive education…. A valuable resource for all those involved in the study of education, social work and psychology.

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