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Impactful Data Visualization

Impactful Data Visualization
Hide and Seek with Graphs

  • Kavitha Ranganathan - Associate Professor, Information Systems Area, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA)

September 2022 | 176 pages | SAGE Response
There is scarcely a role that does not require us to understand, analyse and present data. Charts, graphs and maps are everywhere. However, many of these data visuals leave the viewer bewildered, confused or (even worse) with an incorrect understanding of the data. In contrast, if designed well, data visualizations help us make sense of data and communicate our insights better.

Bringing a clear classroom teaching style, which has helped hundreds of data wranglers, to this book, the author walks you through the myriad ways that graphs can mislead, helping to spot visualization traps and prevent misinterpretations. She illustrates core design principles for creating truthful and effective data visualizations, assisting you to master the art and science behind creating impactful and accurate graphs.
Packed with examples to clearly explain the dos and don’ts of data visualization and backed by empirical research, this book will transform the way you create and analyse graphs and charts.
Whetting Your Appetite
Basic Chart Types
Navigating the Book
Representing Quantities Truthfully
Bar Charts and How Not to Trip on Them
Scales for Other Chart Types
Icons in Bar Charts
Circles for Values: Mystery Solved!
The Deception of the Third Dimension
Using 3D Objects for Visual Appeal
Third Dimension to Incorporate a Variable
Spurious Trends and How to Spot Them
Aspect Ratio of Graphs
Unexpected Change of Scale
Stacked Area Graphs
The Effect of Inversion
Dual Axis Graphs
Design Choices for Accurate Data Interpretation
General Design Guidelines for All Graphs
Getting the Pie to Work for You
The Honest Bar Graph
The Truthful Line Graph
Tell Your Data Story
Pre-attentive Processing and How to Leverage It
The Role of Text in a Data Visual
Putting It Together: Weaving a Narrative
Closing Thoughts
Practise Your Learnings

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