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A Reader

First Edition
Edited by:

September 2000 | 400 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Identity provides an essential resource of key statements drawn from cultural studies, sociology, and psychoanalytic theory, and includes three editorial essays, which place the readings in their theoretical and historical context.

Divided into three parts: Language, Ideology and Discourse; Psychoanalysis and Psycho-Social Relations; and Identity, Sociology and History, this book invites readers to compare and contrast cultural studies approaches with psychoanalytic and historical and sociological accounts of identity formation.

The Identity Reader will be an essential sourcebook for students of cultural studies, gender studies, social psychology, and sociology.

The key statements are from the work of:

Louis Althusser, Jessica Benjamin, Emile Benveniste, Homi K Bhabha, Pierre Bourdieu, Judith Butler, Ian Craib, Jacques D[ac]errida, Norbert Elias, Frantz Fanon, Michel Foucault, Anthony Giddens, Stuart Hall, Pierre Hadot, Melanie Klein, Jacques Lacan, Christopher Lasch, Isabel Menzies, Lyth, T H Marshall, Marcel Mauss, Am[gr]elie Okensberg Rorty, Jacqueline Rose, Nikolas Rose, Michael Rustin, Kaja Silverman, Max Weber, D W Winnicott

Paul du Gay, Jessica Evans and Peter Redman
General Introduction
Peter Redman
Stuart Hall
Who Needs `Identity'?
Louis Althusser
Ideology Interpellates Individuals as Subjects
Emile Benveniste
Subjectivity in Language
Jacques Lacan
The Mirror Stage
Jacqueline Rose
Feminine Sexuality
Julia Kristeva
Revolution in Poetic Language
Kaja Silverman
The Cinematic Model

Jacques Derrida
Homi K Bhabha
Interrogating Identity
The Post Colonial Prerogative

Michel Foucault
Judith Butler
Critically Queer
Jessica Evans
Melanie Klein
Notes on Some Schizoid Mechanisms
D W Winnicott
Mirror-Role of Mother and Family in Child Development
D W Winnicott
Transitional Objects and Transitional Phenomena
Isabel Menzies Lyth
Social Systems as a Defense against Anxiety
Michael Rustin
Psychoanalysis, Racism and Anti-Racism
Frantz Fanon
The Negro and Psychopathology
Christopher Lasch
The Narcissistic Personality of Our Time
Jessica Benjamin
The Oedipal Riddle
Anthony Giddens
The Trajectory of the Self
Ian Craib
What's Happening to Mourning?
Paul du Gay
Norbert Elias
Homo Clausus and the Civilizing Process
Pierre Bourdieu
The Biographical Illusion
T H Marshall
A Note on `Status'
Nikolas Rose
Identity, Genealogies, History
Marcel Mauss
A Category of the Human Mind
The Notion of 'Person'; The Notion of 'Self'

Max Weber
The Profession and Vocation of Politics
Michel Foucault
Introduction to `The Use of Pleasure'
Pierre Hadot
Reflections on the Idea of the `Cultivation of the Self'
Am[gr]elie Okensberg Rorty
Persons and Personae

A very valuable text - key themes located within 3 parts. From language, ideology and discourse to identity, sociology & history

Miss Charlotte Jones
Warwick Institute of Education, Warwick University
July 23, 2013

Paul du Gay has excelled himself in presenting this interesting volume. He draws from writers in many disciples such as Sociology and Psychology to illuminate what 'Identity' means. I especially enjoyed Stuart Hall's contribution. This book is essential to anyone wishing to consider identity as a concept academically.

Dr Katie Cagney
Department of Applied Arts, Waterford Institute of Technology
April 20, 2013

Great selection of fundamental material and key texts to the realms of "identity".

Miss Elisabeth Militz
Geography , Friedrich Schiller University of Jena
February 18, 2013

This edited book offers critical debate towards the contested concept of identity. It provides students with a number of positions in which they can use to critically develop their ideas on the subject.

Dr Martin Partridge
Faculty of Health , Staffordshire University
September 18, 2012

Whilst an excellent book, considered to take students in a direction that was too specialist for the Module that was taught.

Mr Warren Evans
ICE House Project, Cornwall College
September 17, 2012

This book consist all necesery source texts about identity, but they tend to be academically challanging for students on second year of undergraduate degree.

Mrs Marta Eichsteller
School of Social Sciences, Bangor University
January 9, 2012

A fascinating insight as to how culture, language and social relations affect peoples communication and identity. Can be used for both Psychology and Sociology based courses.

Mrs Jacqui Fromberg
Faculty of Health, Community and Care, Croydon College
September 26, 2011

An excellent text highlighting the work of key scholars discussing the complex area of identity. This comprehensive text offeres students the opportunity to gain an insight into this topic from a variety of perspectives. Highly Recommended.

Mr Stuart Agnew
Social Science , University Campus Suffolk Ltd
June 22, 2011

A brilliantly organized text which places a huge amount of theoretical material at the readers' finger tips. The chapter on Pierre Bourdieu is particularly excellent.

Mr John Perry
School of Medicine, Southampton General Hospital
May 26, 2011

This is an absolutely fantastic book which allows students to get to grips with some of the most important theorists working within this area. Each chapter is short and accessible without being too simplistic. Highly recommended.

Division of Sociology & Criminology, Northumbria University
January 20, 2011