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ICT Infrastructure in Emerging Asia

ICT Infrastructure in Emerging Asia
Policy and Regulatory Roadblocks

First Edition
Edited by:

February 2008 | 344 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
This volume brings together scholars, practitioners, regulators and policy makers to address the problem of expanding information and communication technology (ICT) connectivity in emerging Asia. It centrally engages the widespread claim that technology by itself-independent of policy and regulatory reform-can improve access to ICTs. In doing so, it shows that complex workarounds are possible, but that they are significantly less effective than the appropriate policy and regulatory reforms.

The key features of the volume are:

" It examines how theoretically optimal concepts are implemented in the hard terrain of emerging Asia.

" It considers the problem of expanding connectivity from various perspectives: that of the user, the operator, the policy maker, the regulator, and civil society.

" It reports the findings of a cutting-edge 3,000+ sample demand-side survey of telecom use at the 'bottom of the pyramid' in India and Sri Lanka.

" It gleans lessons from five Asian countries-Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal and Sri Lanka-based on their experiences with developing telecom connectivity.

" It sheds light on a range of situations and technologies, like telephone use under ceasefire in Sri Lanka, wi-fi in Indonesia, and universal service obligation in India.

" This well-structured volume will be of great value to those who wish to implement policy and regulatory reforms and improve ongoing reforms.

Introduction: What is… and What Could Have Been…
Ayesha Zainudeen
What do Users at the Bottom of the Pyramid Want?
Ayesha Zainudeen and Tahani Iqbal
Strategies on a Shoestring
Rohan Samarajiva, Mariam Hameed and Ayesha Zainudeen
I Just Called to Say: Teleuse Under a Ceasefire
Malathy Knight-John
Making a Business Out of a Village Phone
Divakar Goswami
Wi-Fi: The Network Fix
Harsha Vardhana Singh and Rohan Samarajiva
One Backbone, or Two?
Harsha De Silva
The Dumbing-down of Smart Subsidies
Payal Malik
Universal Service Obligations: To Incumbents
Harsha De Silva
Access Deficit Tax?
Arpu Mahinda B Herath
High AMPU from Low
Rajendra Singh and Siddhartha Raja
Regulating for the Next Billion
Visoot Phongsathorn
… Through the Markets

This is an important book…. By asking different questions and using fresh data from unexpected sources, this book contributes to debates on policy-making, the role of institutions, and the interplay between technological advances and the policy context within which they work.

ASEAN Economic Bulletin

The book is the outcome of the research done on telecommunications in India. It rests on an assumption that connectivity is the opportunity to engage in electronically mediated communication and is good. The book is an organised material on the researches done and put together.

The New Indian Express

At a time when GSM operators, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) and the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) are at an imbroglio over spectrum allocation, Prof Rohan Samarajiva’s book, ICT Infrastructure in Emerging Asia, makes for a timely read.


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