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ICRP Publication 141

ICRP Publication 141
Occupational Intakes of Radionuclides: Part 4

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Imaging & Radiology

January 2020 | 516 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The 2007 Recommendations (ICRP, 2007) introduced changes that affect the calculation of effective dose, and implied a revision of the dose coefficients for internal exposure, published previously in the Publication 30 series (ICRP, 1979a,b, 1980a, 1981, 1988) and Publication 68 (ICRP, 1994b). Part 4 provides data on individual elements and their radioisotopes, including information on chemical forms encountered in the workplace; a list of principal radioisotopes and their physical half-lives and decay modes; the parameter values of the reference biokinetic model; and data on monitoring techniques for the radioisotopes most commonly encountered in workplaces. For most of the elements, reviews of data on inhalation, ingestion and systemic biokinetics are also provided.

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ISBN: 9781529700749