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ICRP Publication 116

ICRP Publication 116
Conversion Coefficients for Radiological Protection Quantities for External Radiation Exposures

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Public Health | Radiology

July 2012 | 258 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This report gives fluence to dose conversion coefficients for both effective dose and organ absorbed doses for various types of external exposures, consistent with the 2007 Recommendations of the ICRP. These coefficients were calculated using the official ICRP/ICRU computational phantoms representing the Reference Adult Male and Reference Adult Female, in conjunction with Monte Carlo codes simulating the transport of radiation within the human body such as EGSnrc, FLUKA, GEANT4, MCNPX, and PHITS. 

The incident radiations and energy ranges considered were external beams of mono-energetic photons of 10 keV–10 GeV, electrons and positrons of 50 keV–10 GeV, neutrons of 0.001 eV–10 GeV, protons of 1 MeV–10 GeV, pions (negative/positive) of 1 MeV–200 GeV, muons (negative/positive) of 1 MeV–10 GeV, and helium ions of 1 MeV/u–100 GeV/u.

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ISBN: 9781455728589