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ICRP Publication 110

ICRP Publication 110
Adult Reference Computational Phantoms

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Medical Research | Radiology

May 2010 | 166 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
In this report, the Commission provides an electronic database of the physical data needed in calculations of radionuclide-specific protection and operational quantities. This database supersedes the data of Publication 38 (ICRP, 1983), and will be used in future ICRP publications of dose coefficients for the intake of or exposure to radionuclides in the workplace and the environment. The database contains information on the half-lives, decay chains, and yields and energies of radiations emitted in nuclear transformations of 1252 radionuclides of 97 elements.

The CD accompanying the publication provides electronic access to complete tables of the emitted radiations, as well as the beta and neutron spectra. The database has been constructed such that user-developed software can extract the data needed for further calculations of a radionuclide of interest. A Windows-based application is provided to display summary information on a user-specified radionuclide, as well as the general characterisation of the nuclides contained in the database. In addition, the application provides a means by which the user can export the emissions of a specified radionuclide for use in subsequent calculations.

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