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Human Rights

Human Rights

Four Volume Set
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November 2009 | 1 648 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Human rights represent a significant nexus between and among international relations, international law, and comparative politics. Since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, there has been a proliferation of international human rights treaties and an increased attention to human rights in the field of public international law. This collection of readings represents the very best scholarship in this area and shows how the theory, methods and analysis found in mainstream international relations and political science have been brought to bear on significant questions in international human rights.

Section I provides a set of readings that summarise the realist perspective in international relations, its main rivals, and the ways in which human rights challenge the predominance of realism in international relations. Section II sets out the vast literature on international regimes, which transcend the traditional divisions between and among international relations theory, international law, and new institutionalism in the international arena. Section III concentrates on the measurement of human rights. The readings here represent the debates, problems, and selected successes in this area of human rights literature. Section IV puts together readings on the ways in which international human rights norms become 'constructed', diffused across the globe and transcend the division between the international and national levels of politics. Section V brings together a selection of readings analysing the variation in human rights protection across the globe and that take into account different sets of international and domestic variables.

Section 1 Human Rights and the Challenge to Realism
The False Promise of International Institutions

John J. Mearsheimer
Is Anybody Still a Realist?

Jeffrey Legro and Andrew Moravcsik
Review Article: Theories of international justice

Chris Brown
The Third Leg of the Kantian Tripod for Peace: International organizations and militarized disputes, 1950-85

Bruce Russett, John R. Oneal and David R. Davis
The Decaying Pillars of the Westphalian Temple: Implications for international order and governance

Mark W. Zacher
Human Rights and the Theory of International Relations

Vincent, R. J.
Introduction: Human rights in international relations

David Forsythe
Section 2: Regime Theory, Compliance and Human Rights
International Law and International Relations Theory: A dual agenda

Anne-Marie Slaughter Burley
Governance in a Partially Globalized World

Robert O. Keohane
Review Essay: Why do nations obey international law?

Harold Koh
On Compliance

Abram Chayes and Antonia Handler Chayes
International Human Rights Regimes

Jack Donnelly
Sovereignty, Regimes, and Human Rights

Stephen D. Krasner
The Origins of Human Rights Regimes: Democratic delegation in postwar eEurope

Andrew Moravcsik
International Human Rights Law and Practice in Latin America

Ellen L. Lutz and Kathryn Sikkink
International Law and State Behaviour: Commitment and compliance in international monetary affairs

Beth Simmons
International Regimes, Transactions, and Change: Embedded liberalism in the postwar sconomic order

John Gerard Ruggie
Section 3: Measurement and Methods
State Violations of Human Rights: Issues and problems of measurement

Michael Stohl, David Carleton, George Lopez and Stephen Samuels
Measuring Human Rights: Problems of methodology and purpose

Russel Lawrence Barsh
Human Rights Violations, Umbrella Concepts, and Empirical Analysis

James M. McCormick and Neil J. Mitchell
The Politics of Measurement: The contested count of the disappeared in argentina

Alison Brysk
'A "Violations Approach" for Monitoring the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights'

Audrey Chapman
Measuring the Level, Pattern, and Sequence of Government Respect for Physical Integrity Rights

David L. Cingranelli and David L. Richards
Comparative Politics and Human Rights

Todd Landman
Measuring Human Rights: Principle, practice, and policy

Todd Landman
What We Talk about When We Talk about Indicators: Current approaches to human rights measurement

Maria Green
Measuring government effort to respect economic and social human rights: A peer benchmark

David L. Cingranelli and David L. Richards
How Many Peruvians have died? An estimate of the total number of victims killed or disappeared in the armed internal conflict between 1980 and 2000

Patrick Ball, Jana Asher, David Sulmont and Daniel Manrique
Measuring State Compliance with the Obligation to Devote the "Maximum Available Resources" to Realising Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights

Robert E. Robertson
Section 4: Global Civil Society and Norms Diffusion
International Norm Dynamics and Political Change

Martha Finnemore and Kathryn Sikkink
Transnational Politics, International Relations Theory, and Human Rights

Kathryn Sikkink
Global Civil Society?

Keane, J.
Transnational Actors and World Politics

Thomas Risse
The Socialization of International Human Rights Norms into Domestic Practices: Introduction

Thomas Risse and Kathryn Sikkink
The Social Construction of Human Rights

Jack Donnelly
Transnational Civil Society

Mary Kaldor
Section 5: Analysing Human Rights
The Basic Model
Review Article: The political science of human rights

Todd Landman
Economic and Political Explanations of Human Rights Violations

Neil J. Mitchell and James M. McCormick
Repression of Human Rights to Personal Integrity in the 1980s: A global analysis

Steven Poe and C. Neal Tate
The Economic Nature of Basic Human Rights: Economic explanations of cross-national variations in governmental basic human rights performance

Reinhard Heinisch
Democracy and Human Rights
Human Rights and the Democratic Proposition

Christian Davenport
Thinking Inside the Box: A closer look at democracy and human rights

Bruece Bueno de Mesquita, Ferayl Marie Cherif, George W. Downs and Alastair Smith
A Global Analysis of the Effect of Regime Changes on Life Integrity Violations, 1977-1993

Sabine Zanger
Democracy and the Violation of Human Rights: A statistical exploration from 1976 to 1996

Christian Davenport and David A. Armstrong
Foreign Aid and Human Rights
Human Rights Practices and the Distribution of U.S. Foreign Aid to Latin American Countries

David Cingranelli and Thomas Pasquarello
Human Rights and Economic Aid Allocation

Steven Poe
Human Rights and U.S. Economic Aid to Africa

Steven Poe and Rangsima Sirirangsi
Human Rights and US Economic Aid during the Reagan Years

Steven Poe and Rangsima Sirirangsi
Human Rights and Foreign Aid: A comparison of the Reagan and Carter administrations

Daniel Hofrenning
Good Governance and European Aid: The impact of political conditionality

Sabine Zanger
Foreign Direct Investment and Human Rights
Human Rights and MNCs: Theory vs. quantitative evidence

William H. Meyer
Human Rights and the Global Economy: A response to Meyer

Jackie Smith, Melissa Bolyard and Anna Ippolito
Confirming, Infirming, and Falsifying Theories of Human Rights: Reflections on Smith, Bolyard, and Ippolito through the lens of Lakatos

William H. Meyer
Book Review: Human Rights and International Political Economy in Third World Nations: Multinational Corporations, Foreign Aid, and Repression

Morton E. Winston
International Law and Human Rights
The United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights: Does it make a difference in human rights behavior?

Linda Camp Keith
Do International Human Rights Treaties Improve Respect for Human Rights?

Eric Neumayer
Justice Lost! The failure of international human rights law to matter where needed most

Emilie Hafner-Burton and Kiyoteru Tsutsui

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