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Human Genetics for the Social Sciences

Human Genetics for the Social Sciences

First Edition
  • Gregory Carey - Institute for Behaviorial Genetics, University of Colorado, University of Colorado, USA

Volume: 4
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Behavior Genetics

December 2002 | 536 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
'...a useful text for aquiring a solid grounding in behavioural genetics.... the figures are excellent providing a clear accompaniment to the text'

Human Psychopharmacology

Human Genetics for the Social Sciences introduces psychology and other social science students to the role genetics play in the individual differences in human behaviour. There is a growing awareness of the importance of this role, yet many behavioural scientists have little background in even basic biology, much less training in genetics. Many psychologists and psychology students lack the background to learn about human genetics through traditional texts written for biologists, medical students and geneticists. This broad-based text meets the need to explain genetics to this audience in a non-technical, introductory fashion deliberately focussing on the `big' picture of genetics.

The Cell
DNA & the Genetic Code
Epigenesis & Genetic Regulation
Mendelian Traits & Behavior
DCG: Disorders with Complex Genetics
The New Genetics: Techniques for DNA Analysis
Chromosomes & Chromosomal Anomalies
Morgan & Linkage
The Association Study
Introduction to Module 2: Evolution
The Five Forces Behind Human Evolution
Human Evolution
Introduction to Evolutionary Psychology
Principles of Evolutionary Psychology
Introduction to Module 3: Individual Differences
Quantitative Genetics I: Important Concepts
Quantitative II: Estimation & Testing
Genes, IQ Scores, & Social Status: I. The Phenotype of IQ
Genes, IQ Scores, & Social Status: II. Genetic Epidemiology
Antisocial Behavior & Violence

Sample Materials & Chapters

1. Lemonade

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