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How to Teach Thinking and Learning Skills

How to Teach Thinking and Learning Skills
A Practical Programme for the Whole School

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April 2007 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Includes Online Resources


'The author puts into perspective the importance of teaching thinking and learning skills providing clear explanations and easy to follow activities that can be used as a series of lessons, or simply as a one off. As a resource for the primary practitioner it is both practical and informative' - ESCalate

'A treasure-trove of practical resources to stretch young people's thinking muscles!' - Professor Guy Claxton, University of Bristol

'It is full of useful ideas for busy teachers and helpful in getting the children rather than the teachers to do the thinking in the classroom' - Professor Robert Fisher, Brunel University

By helping children to form positive thinking and learning habits, and to develop a range of transferable skills, we give them the tools they need to become successful learners.


This book is grounded in the best of current practice and theories surrounding thinking and learning skills. It provides a highly effective method for introducing a comprehensive set of thinking and learning skills to children aged 5 to 11, as well as for integrating these skills through the curriculum. By means of carefully developed games, activities and group tasks, these ready-to-use lessons will appeal to a wide range of learners and abilities.


Features of the book include:


- a clear explanation of what thinking and learning skills are;

- lots of photocopiable activities, for use by individual teachers and in INSET;

- a plan for introducing thinking and learning skills in your school;

- suggestions for further reading and development of the programme.


Headteachers, Curriculum Co-ordinators and classroom practitioners wishing to introduce and develop thinking and learning skills in their school can either follow this programme in its entirety, or dip into it when appropriate for specific activities.

What Does This Book Offer?
Why Should We Teach Thinking and Learning Skills?
What Are Thinking and Learning Skills?
How do You Teach Thinking and Learning?
How do I Use the THINK! Programme in Practice?
Tips for Success: Questions and Answers
What Could I Do to Take This Further?
THINK! Skills Overview
Lesson Plans with Lists of Resources on the CD-ROM and 'At a Glance' Samples
'At a Glance' Sample of General Resources on the CD-ROM
'Heads Together' Introductory Session
Philosophy for Children: Generating the Question Session

This is an engaging and accessible book aimed at whole school improvement through embedding strategies to improve thinking skills in learners. There are lots of resources (both lesson plans and other resources on the CD rom included) to stimulate teachers. These resources are adaptable and could add helpfully to any teacher's skillset. While the book is aimed at primary teachers and/or management, the ideas and strategies it contains would also be adaptable for secondary school teachers. This is not an academic work and does not contain an extended list of references for the benefit of those who would like to extend their knowledge of these concepts, however it does provide some further reading.

Dr Louise Campbell
Moray House School of Education, Edinburgh University
June 16, 2016

Great practical learning skills with CD resource. excelent read.

Miss CRUPA Mistry
Employability, Intraining
March 27, 2014

Great book with current teaching learning ideas.

Miss CRUPA Mistry
Employability, Intraining
March 21, 2014

This is an extremely useful text that is full of practical classroom strategies. It sits neatly within our thinking courses and allows the students to see the links between theory and practice.

Mrs Susan Buckman
Education, Dundee University
June 7, 2012

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