How to do your Case Study

How to do your Case Study

A Guide for Students and Researchers

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Case Study is one of the most widely applied methods of research and instruction in use today. Cases are used to frame research, aid teaching and help learning the world over. Yet, despite being so widely used, there remains a great deal of uncertainty about what constitutes case study research and how case studies should be designed and carried out.

In this lucid, accessible and often witty new text, Gary Thomas introduces students and researchers to the basics of case study research. Using a wide range of real-life examples, this book sets out for those new to the method how best to design and carry out case studies in the social sciences and humanities

How to do your case study: a guide for students and researchers deals with the core issues and methods that anyone new to case study will need to understand:

- What is a case study?

- When and why should case study methods be used?

- How are case studies designed?

- What methods can be used?

- How do we analyse and make sense of our data?

- How do we write up and write about our case?

How to do your Case Study will be essential reading for any student or researcher in the Social Sciences, Health Sciences, in Business Studies, in Education and the Humanities.

What Is a Case Study?
Case Study and Research Design
Models of the Whole
Ensuring Quality in Your Case Study: What's Important?
Kinds of Case Studies: Finding Your Case
Your Purpose
Your Approach
Your Process
Out in the Field: Some Ways to Collect Data and Evidence
A Toolkit for Analyzing and Thinking
Writing Your Study
The Fancy Stuff: Generalization, Induction, Abduction, Phronesis and Theory

This particular text will replace a few “classics” on my shelf, and I plan to use the book when teaching my methodology courses.

P. Taylor Webb
University of British Columbia
Educational Review

This very readable and well crafted book should significantly advance thinking about the conduct of case study research. It impressively demonstrates, through well-selected examples, the uses of case studies within a wide range of disciplines and practical fields of study and dispels some popular misconceptions of this research genre in the process.
John Elliot
Emeritus Professor of Education, University of East Anglia

All chapters are clearly structured but with an eye for presenting variations of research designs, purposes, approaches, data collections and tools for analysis across applied social sciences and humanities. The chapters are written in a lively, engaged and personal manner - though highly academic and structured in their argumentation at the same time - and as a nice student-friendly communicative feature, each chapter finishes with a short section called "If you only take one thing from this chapter, take this..."... I can recommend Thomas' book as an inspiring and systematic companion to think and discuss with, where there is tolerance towards the wonderful variability of doing qualitative research.
Bente Halkier
Roskilde University

I would recommend this valuable resource to any student conducting a case study for their Masters in Business Administration.

Mrs Mpho Mbeo
Business Administration , Central University of Technology
August 13, 2015

Excellent, clearly written book relevant to any student undertaking research in the field of nursing, where case studies are so applicable.

Mrs Julia Petty
School of health and social work, Hertfordshire University
March 16, 2015

A recommended read for students conducting a case study for their Education MA.

Mrs Jacqueline Young
Department Of Education, Sussex University
March 13, 2015

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