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Hinduism in India

Hinduism in India
The Early Period

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Greg Bailey - Honorary Research Fellow, Program in Asian Studies, La Trobe University, Melbourne

January 2017 | 236 pages | SAGE India

A major contribution toward the ongoing debates on the nature and history of Hinduism in India

Hinduism in India: The Early Period
covers the major thematic and historical aspects of Hinduism in ancient and medieval India, emphasising primarily on belief structures, rituals, theology, art, and myths. Although the book focuses on the period from 200 BCE to 1200 ACE, the chapters make several references to ideas and practices preceding and following this period. This is a reflection of the fact that the cultural entity named “Hinduism” has been in a process of constant change and evolution, and continues to demonstrate many recognizably ancient elements even today. 

Introduction: Hinduism in India
Greg Bailey
Greg Bailey
Hinduism Contextualized
Axel Michaels
Adam Bowles
The Mahabharata and Dharma
Greg Bailey
Angelika Malinar
Religious Pathways: Social and Ritual Activity (karman), Knowledge (jnana), and Devotion (bhakti)
Eric John Lott
Hindu Theology
Crispin Branfoot
Making Space for the Sacred: Hindu Art and Material Religion

Bailey has done a good job of putting together a relevant and coherent picture of Hinduism through the articles… The book, as a whole, is a good company for those who want to refer to Hinduism at different times of his need, since the different aspects are well categorized. It is not a boring theological tratise. Some sections are really brilliant literary pieces, which linger in memory….what stands out is the diligence and objectivity of this bunch of scholars, who have taken up so much effort to understand and explain such a deep and ancient socio-religious system of the world in lucid language. A reading of this book will be a tribute to their labour of love.


Free Press Journal, 6 August 2017

“Deserve praise for bringing out the two collections of articles …conceptual and material foundations of Hinduism.”

Economic and Modernity, 12 October 2018

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