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Health Promotion

Health Promotion
Planning & Strategies

Fourth Edition

January 2019 | 704 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Globally recognized as the definitive text on health promotion, this fourth edition becomes ever more useful for public health and health promotion courses around the world. It offers a firm foundation in health promotion before helping you to understand the process of planning, implementing and assessing programmes in the real world.

To further help you in your studies the book comes with access to online resources which include:

  • 15 original case studies from around the world that give an insight into practice and evaluation
  • Full text further reading to help with assignments and exams
  • Weblinks to help you explore key organisations and institutions in the field.



    Health and health promotion
    Assessing health and its determinants
    The determinants of health actions
    Health promotion planning - a strategic approach
    Information needs
    Health public policy
    Education for health
    Mass communication
    Working with communities
    Settings for health
    Evidence-based health promotion


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    • A collection of original case studies from around the world
    • Further reading to help with assignments and exams
    • Weblinks to help you explore key organizations and institutions

    This 4th edition of Green and Tones' Health Promotion provides a comprehensive and thorough update on health promotion planning and strategies. Especially fruitful for both researchers and practitioners is the ethical perspective which now runs throughout the book. The chapter on the developments in evidence-based health promotion is both informative and timely, whilst new perspectives on the role of health education in health promotion suggest mitigating solutions to complex problems. 

    Professor Arja R. Aro, University of Southern Denmark

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