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Handbook of Work Stress

Handbook of Work Stress

Edited by:

October 2004 | 720 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Questions about the causes or sources of work stress have been the subject of considerable research, as well as public fascination, for several decades. Earlier interest in this issue focused on the question of whether some jobs are simply more inherently stressful than others. Other questions that soon emerged asked whether some individuals were more prone to stress than others. The Handbook of Work Stress focuses primarily on identifying the different sources of work stress across different contexts and individuals.

Key Features:

• Affords the most broad and credible perspective on the subject of work stress available

• The editors are all prominent researchers in the field of work stress, and have been instrumental in defining and developing the field from an organizational-psychological and organizational-behavior perspective

• International contributors are included, reflecting similarities and differences from around the world

• Chapter authors from the United States, Canada, England, Sweden, Japan, and Australia have been invited to participate, reflecting most of the countries in which active research on work stress is taking place.

The Handbook of Work Stress is essential reading for researchers in the fields of industrial and organizational psychology, human resources, health psychology, public health and employee assistance.

1. Editors' Overview
Terry A Beehr and Sharon Glazer
2. Organizational Role Stress
Peter Totterdell
3. Work Schedules
Russell Cropanzano, Barry Goldman, and Lehman Benson, III
4. Organizational Justice
E. Kevin Kelloway, Niro Sivanathan, Lori Francis, and Julian Barling
5. Poor Leadership
Gina Bellavia and Michael R. Frone
6. Work-Family Conflict
Kathleen M. Rospenda and Judith A. Richman
7. Harassment and Discrimination
Aaron C.H. Schat and E. Kevin Kelloway
8. Workplace Aggression
Janetta Mitchell McCoy and Gary W. Evans
9. Physical Work Environment
Leanne Barlow and Roderick D. Iverson
10. Workplace Safety
Tahira M. Probst
11. Economic Stressors
Michael D. Coovert, Lori Foster Thompson, and J. Philip Craiger
12. Technology
Lori Francis and E. Kevin Kelloway
13. Industrial Relations
Ken Harris and K. Michele Kacmar
14. Organizational Politics
Michelle Inness and Julian Barling
15. Terrorism
16. Editors' overview
Catherine Loughlin and Katherine Lang
17. Young Workers
Janet L. Barnes-Farrell
18. Older Workers
Serge Desmarais and Christine Alksnis
19. Gender Issues
Cong Liu and Paul Spector
20 International and Cross- Cultural Issues
Daniel G. Gallagher
21. Part-time and Contract Employment
22. Editors' overview
Peter Warr
23. Work, Well-being and Mental Health
Steve M. Jex and Craig D. Crossley
24. Organizational Consequences
25. Editor's overview
Susan Cartwright and Cary Cooper
26. Individually Targeted Interventions
Joseph J. Hurrell Jr.
27. Organizational Stress Interventions