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Handbook of U.S. Latino Psychology

Handbook of U.S. Latino Psychology
Developmental and Community-Based Perspectives

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October 2010 | 480 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Synthesizing cutting-edge research and methodological advances, this handbook covers the many needs and advances in Latino psychology and summarizes and integrates the growing literature.
Amado Padilla; Esteban Olmedo
1: The History of Latino Psychology
Margarita Alegria; Meghan Woo
2: Conceptual Issues in Latino Mental Health Treatment
Glorisa Canino; Margarrita Alegria
3: Understanding Psychopathology Among the Adult and Child Latino Population From the United States and Puerto Rico: An Epidemiologic Perspective
George P. Knight; Mark W. Roosa; Carlos O. Calderón-Tena; Nancy A. Gonzales
4: Methodological Issues in Research on Latino Populations
Merrill Singer; Celia Fisher; G. Derrick Hodge; Hassan Saleheen; Meena Mahadevan
5: Ethical Issues in Conducting Research with Latino Drug Users
Stephen Quintana; Nicolas Scull
6: Latino Ethnic Identity
Andrew J. Fuligni; Krista Perreira
7: Immigration and Adaptation
Nancy A. Gonzales; Fairlee C. Fabrett; George P. Knight
8: Acculturation, Enculturation and the Psychosocial Adaptation of Latino Youth
Adriana J. Umaña-Taylor; Edna C. Alfaro
9: Acculturative Stress and Adaptation
Josefina M. Grau; Margarita Azmitia; Justin Quattlebaum
10: Latino Families: Parenting, Relational and Developmental Processes
Aida Hurtado; Karina Cervantez
11: A View from Within and from Without: The Development of Latina Feminist Psychology
Gustavo Carlo; Maria Rosario T. de Guzman
12: Theories and Research on Prosocial Competencies Among US Latinos/as
Gabriel P. Kuperminc; Natalie J. Wilkins; Cathy Roche; Anabel Alvarez
13: Risk, Resilience, and Positive Development Among Latino Youth
Steve Applewhite
14: Health and Mental Health Perspectives
Natasha Cabrera; Jacqueline D. Shannon; Vanessa Rodriguez; Alexis Lubar
15: Early Intervention Programs: The case of Head Start for Latino Children
Eugene Garcia; Kent P. Scribner
16: Latino PreK-3 Education: A Critical Foundation
Luis Zayas; Joaquin Borrego, Jr.; Melanie M. Domenech Rodriguez
17: Parenting Interventions and Latino Families: Research Findings, Cultural Adaptations, and Future Directions
Guillermo Bernal; Emily Sáez-Santiago; Amarilys Galloza-Carrero
18: Evidence-Based Approaches to Working with Latino Youth and Families
Esteban Cardemil; Ingrid A. Sarmiento
19: Clincial Approaches to Working with Latino Adults
Hector Betancourt; Patricia M. Flynn
20: The Psychology of Health: Physical Health and the Role of Culture and Behavior
Lydia Buki; Melissa Selem
21: Cancer Screening and Survivorship in Latino Populations: A Primer for Psychologists
Lisa J. Crockett; Byron L. Zamboanga
22: Substance Use among Latino Adolescents: Cultural, Social, and Psychological Considerations
Marcela Raffaelli; Maria I. Iturbide
23: Sexuality and Sexual Risk Behaviors Among Latino Adolescents and Young Adults
Gustavo Carlo; Francisco A. Villarruel; Margarita Azmita; Natasha J. Cabrera
24: Perspectives and Recommendations for Future Directions in U.S. Latino Psychology

One of the few books that addressed the topics discussed in the Latino/a Psychology course.

Dr Rebecca Rojas
Marriage Fam Child Cnsl Dept, Pacific Oaks College
June 28, 2011

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